Adventure Books by Ricky Sides & Kathy Young

Adventures in reading.

Tribute to my niece, Holly


In lonely habitations,

Your golden heart endured.

With silent sad devotions,

Your sacred soul matured.


Now you have departed,

No troubles do you own.

Your destiny is charted,

Your destination known.


Soft as the touch of an Angel,

Your thoughts caress my mind.

Your life, no longer painful.

Youíve left those chains behind.


Your beauty now immortal.

Your loving smile restored.

You entered Godís great portal,

To claim one last reward.


You saw our teardrops falling,

You heard our wails and moans.

I knew you were watching,

I felt it in my bones.


So you came to visit,

In dreams to say goodbye.

Itís not the same though, is it?

You see from way on high,

As after your mortal visit,

You said that last goodbye.