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Hi there,
The comments on this page were collected from the eAcceleration forums and are all Brimstone related.
We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the fans of the series. Without your demands for more of the series it would never have grown and prospered as it did.
your grateful writers,
Raistlin and Kittie
AKA Ricky and Kathy
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2005
12:12 am    
Post subject: Wonderful,
creative flair.
It never ceases to amaze me
just how creative people can
be, I have read published
writters with less flair.

Well done and keep up the
good work, keep your
writtings and you never
know they may end up
in a book.

Tessa (Shandrill)
Strive to better oneself
with dignity and honour
always! To face life without
fear is a gift given to
the worthy.

Shandrill Sun. (Myth Server)
Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 11:44 am    
Post subject:
Pig Killa wrote,

Your Stories Truly are great works
my old friend,
i, as i am sure others, enjoy reading
them very much Smile

Hope to see more of it from you very
soon. & Who knows,
maybe there will even be a chapter
about me in there somewhere Razz
Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 1:21 pm    
Post subject:
Tipher wrote,
Wow, the stories that you tell are amazing!
I love reading them. If you ever need a pally
in your story i would be honored...keep usin
ur gift man.
eAcceleration Play Server
Tipher-Vv- Guild Guardian-- Fire Mage
Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 4:43 pm    
Post subject:
Hello Raist Smile

I've read every chapter so far.. dont
stop here Smile feel free to use me in this
wonderful story... I'm the creator of the
wismage.. take a guess what class I am.

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 4:15 am    
Post subject: =)
qt pnai wrote,
damn... keep up the good work..
I dnt even think ill get bored readin
ur stories.. ty for sharing them
Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 1:13 pm
Post subject:
Gaz Faz wrote,
Another great chapter to the saga, I do enjoy
the read and i marvel at your ability to tell the
story with such relevece to the game thet we
all enjoy so much. I for one cant wait for more Wink
Im also honnered to be part of them so feel free
to use me in any futher tales that you come up
with. keep up the good work.
                                                Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 1:38pm                                                     Post subject:
                                                Lord Malachi wrote,
I rather enjoy this tale of yours, I hope to
see more soon. Smile

And I'd say not many wish to see you end
this by all means, do not
conculde it 'til you wish to.
Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 4:35 pm    
Post subject:
Chara Hill wrote,
Very well written Raistlin.

the story was very well written and from
the first line i read, i just had to read it all...
i coudn't stop my eyes from reading it all lol.

About your Archer/warrior spell, perhaps
you should give it a name Smile
Greetings and keep up the good job,

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 9:35 am Post subject:
Pig Killa wrote,
Loved the story Raist, very well done my old friend Smile

Look forward to seeing more of it.

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2005 12:28 pm    
Post subject:
Pig Killa wrote,

You have done superb work on this story,
im am glad i offered my services to you Smile

I hung on every word of this chapter, as i have
done since the start & i was absolutely amazed
yet again at your skill of the art of story writing,
it was so good, i needed a cigarette Razz

With your permission Sir, if it is not being done
already, i was hoping that perhaps i could take
your story & compile it into a word document so
that once this epic tale is finished it may be available
for all who wish to have a copy, to read & enjoy at
there own accord & be reminded of your brilliance.

Pig Killa
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2005 3:54 pm    
Post subject:
omg I was hanging in on every word of
that... pulse risen, adrenaline pumping...
whew! Shocked

I nearly cried when I read
"To be continued" Embarassed

... ok now I'm speechless ...

I'll say one thing though:
THANKYOU RAIST!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Ok I'm done Laughing
~Salamander~GD's Huggable Diva Smile
Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2005 9:51 pm    Post subject:
Tipher wrote,
twas a wonderful story and yet again...i cant wait
to hear the rest Smile heh good job and yet again
keep up the good work.
eAcceleration Play Server
Tipher-Vv- Guild Guardian-- Fire Mage
Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 5:41 pm    Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
OMG!!!!! Surprised Crying or Very sad I'm not sure of what to say...

For being concerned over your well-being and
am also truely astounded on how the story turned
out. Good on ya friend. Very Happy

But umm...

I'm alittle bewildered *for a lack of a better word*
at myself, Fawnn and Ziona's position. Definitely
a good cliff-hanger however. Now...this next
week is going to be a bit tormenting.

Hope all is well Raist, and again, some more
great chapters Wink
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 6:00 pm    
Post subject: Brimstone!
OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

I cant believe your doing this to us!!!!!
The torture!!!!! The wait!!!!!

I find myself at a loss for words!!!

Excellant my friend this weeks wait will be
very hard.

NO HINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only those who try... make mistakes

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 6:27 pm Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Hail Raistlin

wow again you have brought out the best elements
in all these players teamwork, protectiveness,
common sence. I am so glad that your recent
perdicament has been sorted to no lasting damage
because I dont think I could stand not getting any
more of this story. sorry that sounded a bit selfish
I am pleased that it all worked for you hun as the
realm would be diminished without you.

I know Ziona Mystica and myself will stand together
to met the next challenge knowing that the best talent
in the realm will be there to aid us soon. But Its going
to kill me waiting to find how we do it. Im sure us ladys
will kick butt bigtime and just leave the cleaning up for
the guys LOL .
and thank you Raist for including my good friend Psy
into the story he is new to the realm but already shows
great compassion and willingness to do the right thing
he also tells the best jokes if you need a comedian in
the team.

wonderfull edition to the saga hun and really really
looking forward to the next.
Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 7:02 pm    Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
I agree whole-heartedly with both ladies here
Raist. And the suspence I'm sure will infect us
greatly until next week.

I would also like to point out and agree with Fawnn
here and give you applause in putting the 3 of us
together. I understand this is a fearsom foe you have
put us up against but we will prevail. Mostly because
we are pure talent Wink LoL. And well it will be fun to
watch the men come to our umm rescue? **Have a
strong willed hope they will come for the clean up
however Wink**
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 7:01 am Post subject:
Oga wrote,
BEST EVA naw its not really but it was good,,,
i reckon you should retire ole brimstone and bring
forth a new rebel to society name his "Oga" The
legend who keeps on giving and uses his newly
created bow rid the realm of nbs and monsters:P
you could have a clown that would have to be
viper22 and the physically obssessed garden
man could be fatman:P you know wat i mean

OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 7:34 am 
Post subject:
Good Job Once Again Raist.

Quiet Oga *smacks you up da side of the head*
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 10:26 am    
Post subject: Brimstone!
woooot! I sooo enjoyed reading the adventure
again. As usual tho a battle hangs n the mist..
I read so fast lol I'm gonna hve to re-read just
to pick up some of the finer details your so
good at dropping.

Phooey on the ones that dont want anymore
adventures, as long as you enjoy writing, keep
writing cuz I'm sure gonna keep reading Smile

*smiles biggg*
Only those who try... make mistakes
Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:34 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
The more you create the better the tale becomes.
Please don't stop writing now, or anytime in the
future, unless such a time
comes that you feel you must.

Great work, looking forward to more of the same Smile
Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:28 am Post subject:
Mystyka Wrote,

That was the best thing ever to come home
from work and read!

Raist, Kittie - Fantastic! I missed the tale so
much only to be rewarded hansomely with
these great chapters.
Once again you have left us in loom of the
battle...but I know its worth the wait. Bravo!

Oh and about that thing we were supposed to
notice about something strange Brimstone
does....I think I saw it. Keyword here is "think".
I'm going to read over it again just to be sure.

Raist...keep the story coming. Truely, it just keeps
getting better and more indepth. A great thanks
mate Wink

P.S. I'm and SOOO happy! One of the elvish
names I liked is Ziona's pick! Woohoo!
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 2:31 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Hail Raistlin and Kittie

You just know what I'm going to say to those who
say move on - bah humbug when I wouldnt really
say that but close enough for forum purposes.
hey if some of you are tired of reading them thats
your right to not read them.

But rest assured as long as Raist and Kittie are enjoying
the writting I will be reading and enjoying the story.

Ah ha we have a champion of neutrality Eric may have
seen the last of his physical bouts with Brimstone but
there may still be conflict.

Glad the others have caught up with us and very glad
that Lord Mal is over the last of his injuries but we will
have to watch over Psychost (his tag wasnt
'Treatment' without cause lol).

Ziona you are glowing hun Mystyka and I are so proud
( and maybe a little envious) of you but you are no
shrinking violet so step up to the plate with us girl.

Thank you Raist and Kittie
Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 3:09 am Post subject:
Veksar wrote,
Raist and Kitty.

Great story my friends. It's been a while but the wait
has been most worthwhile. Glad your back
helping Raist Kitty.

Can't wait for the next installment.
Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 9:30 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,

Never have I complianed, nor will I. I enjoy the story
regardless of my direct activities relating to the story,
and I have complete trust in you to fit my character in
where you feel needed. Being a character that has a
role gives me enough satisfaction, however,
from what you have said I have alot to look
forward to and thank you.

I am excited to read the next installment,
as it seems from what you have said it may
be one of the longest yet...and thats intriguing.

Raist, I know I speak for the other direct members
when I say thank you and we do give you our full
support. I have to say, that without the Brimstone
story I may not have found such wonderful friends
as I have in the other companions. In all hopes our
paths still would have crossed in the realm, but
this has ensured a great relationship...that also
includes Kittie and yourself.

Back to work for me.... Wink
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 9:22 pm    Post subject:
Macgyver65 wrote,
Shocked man how do you come up with this stuff?? Twisted Evil
( opens Raistlins head looks inside stirs it a little looks again )
Rolling Eyes i dont know how but dont stop the good
stuff for truely you have been given a great gift
of story telling & very few people can do such! Laughing

Noughtinhil -HC-
Only the best can be done by the best to be done!

what? WHAT?!?! what you say?

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! & you thought so!

OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2006 11:23 pm    
Post subject:
*Claps wildly*....Excellent!!..
Thanks Raistlin for bringing
this to Myth!.
Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 5:59 am 
Post subject: Brimstone anyone?
A post the author made.
Greetings Brimstone fans,

Well it looks like I am finally gonna get a weekend
off. I have been working 58 hour weeks and have
frankly been just plain too tired to do a segment.
But one is overdue. I plan to write a segment this
weekend and submit it Sunday.

Want a plotline hint? *Hears Fawnn, Mystyka
and Ziona say yes.* LOL ok.

Trapped in a hole
The Ladies three
searched their soul
fought valiantly
and when it was over
they found the queen
never knowing
never guessing
she was one of three.

See why I don't do poetry? Sux I know,
But the hint is there
for readers that have a good memory.

Gimmie a reply to let me know what
you think this means lol.

Have a great day,
Raist Justice

Dedicated to the concept of Justice for all,
special privileges for none.

Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 8:04 am    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
The first and only thing that came to my mind is that
one of ourfavorite ladies is the queen you speak of.
But since that came to me as I read it, I'm certain
that can't be it. You're much trickier than that!

More Brimstone is great, I'm glad you've found time
to further work on this great story. But be sure to
take some time for yourself, too. Although I'm sure
by now you find creating Brimstone to be
quite a respite in itself.

Woot. Smile
Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 8:26 am    Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
You answered your own question quite correctly Raist.
OF COURSE we want another, heh. I noted we haven't
seen one since the beginning of April, so it would be nice.
Glad your getting some time off... working that much sucks,
don't we all know it.

As for the plotline... the only thing that comes to my mind
is my drycleaning bill lol. Either we're going to be
encountering more Gargoyles... or I'm just too damn tired
to get it. Or.. unless Malachi is right -- but then I'm really
confused haha.

Can't wait for the next segment... a long weekend
AND a Brimstone story... it's perfect!

Make sure to save time for yourself Raist...
and have a good time doing it!
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 8:58 am 
Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Myst you know I promised to pay
anymore cleaning bills.

And YES YES YES we are
sooooooooooo ready Raist.

ahhh a queen you say well theres
food for thought could it be

Tersha queen of the torlags
nessarose queen in honour of her parents
Myst queen of commerce (and our hearts)
ziona queen of all toxiphilites
Fawnn queen of the lost
well thats a start anyway

lol Raist and Kittie just get it on screen pls
and so good to see you back.
Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 1:44 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Alright... lessee...

We have already encountered one Gargoyle Queen
and she was defeated... your poem indicates there
are 2 more. So.. we're going back MANY chapters
and revealing a second encounter with these
foul creatures. Oh... and if I remember correctly...
they need women -- YUCK! I'm looking forward
to this Very Happy

Heh, Fawnn, I'll wear some old MOE or something...
will help my boulders and won't look so dirty Wink
And thank you for the subtle little comment...
made my day.

Raist... I'm totally with you on the Bre. We can do
a bre-bake and loads of butter! Yummy...

Look forward to the segment... and the long weekend Smile
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 8:15 pm    Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
Well, I finally found the time and spent 5 hrs yesterday
reading Brimstone, and all the other stories on that page
as well. So now that I am caught up, filled in, and
refreshed on the story, I can say I am waiting eagerly
for the next chapter.

*Waiting (im)patiently for Sunday*
Lady Ru
Heroes of Valor Guild Founder/Leader
Finally 4x Seraph
Eacceleration Play
Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 8:36 pm 
Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
I have always enjoyed your stories, Shalafi.
UnfortunatelyI was not able to read them
all at the time they were posted, and there
were chapters I had missed. With your
announcement, I went back and read from
start to finish, It was enjoyable to re-read
parts I had seen, and very good to be filled
in on parts I had missed. It was also a bit
sad to see names of old friends who no
longer walk the realm with us, but also
good to know that with your tales, they
will always be remembered.

Your friend,
Lady Ru
Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 11:54 am    
Post subject:
Kittie wrote quoting Raistlin,
Raistlin wrote:

...I warn you though. The next segment is dark.
In fact the first chapter is complete, and I have
to say it is extremely dark and disturbing.
Rest assured it is done in that manner for a
reason and not simply for shock value...

Have a great day,

~shakes head~ there he goes with the
dark thingie again... lol
love and light,

in some cultures what i do is considered normal.
i am not weird, i'm gifted

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 12:53 pm    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
I think he might just be confusing 'dark' with 'brilliant' Razz
Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 8:23 am    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
You did warn me about minding my helmet, didn't
you? lol

Great battle in this one, never before have the
companions been so hard-pressed by the enemy.
I'm just glad that, for the moment,
everyone seems to be okay.

It's a shame that the companions didn't get a hold
of more black armor. Hopefully not all of the cave
will have collapsed and the more adventuresome
of the group can go hunting.
Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 9:09 am    Post subject:
Fawnn wrote


You cant do that you just cant do that Raist this is the worse
state we have been in yet and you do that just not on Raist
you had better have the next installment ready to post.

Lol hun I told you I trust you and I do I know this will all
work out the way its ment to but please dont keep us
waiting to long. And I hope that all the compainions
are able to make a full recoverey ( lol I did break my
collarbone and dislocate my shoulder in an accident
a few years ago I know exactly
how it feels)

And Raist you had better make it back alright because
you really dont want to know what Damia will do and
she will have us girls backing her all the way.
Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 11:36 am    
Post subject:
Kwenchi Kao wrote,
wow ive gota say Chapter 225 - 235
is the best one i have read, i really
liked this one, i had to even print it Razz
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 6:01 pm    
Post subject: Brimstone
He better have used that scroll!!!!!!!!!!!

Great battle Raist! It was full of imagery
and surprise, I can still see the the explosion
the ceiling falling down, the horror on the king
an queens faces, also Brimstone reciting the
recall scroll at the very last moment...

You are most definitly the master of cliffhangers!

Also I have to give thx to Ru for informing me of
this most magnificant post! *kisses 4 Ru*

Only those who try... make mistakes



Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 9:16 pm    Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*Wipes her eyes*

Ummm WHAT?!!!!!

I'm... in shock. Holy hell Raist -- that was spectacular.
We've had many battles... many. But this... this was
intense. More than I have words for. The pain and
devistation, wow. You are a magnificant writter Raist,
if I haven't fully expressed that before, I tell you now.
My gawd! What a scene to have put in my mind.
*Shakes head*

I would not have anticipated anything that happened
in that one and I'm in cringing emotion as to the next
installment. Even though.. my wrists aren't in the most
pleasant state, I wish I had not had the luxury of the
scroll to stay by my dear friend as he did the unthinkable.
I am overly glad however, that no one was hurt to the worst
of extents. Thank you for keeping the companions with
their lives. Even though I'm on the corner of my chair for
Brimstone -- what words I cannot come up with I feel.

Brilliant work my friend, Bravo! This has to be up there
with some of the best I've read of Brimstone. Thank you Smile
2 weeks is going to be very long....
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 10:06 pm    
Post subject:
Wonderful Job yet again Raist

With all that healing going on i should
start charging you all =) haha

How evil of you to leave a cliff hanger of
that magnitude, really leaves the reader wanting
more, you have a talent for making anticipation
come out in the readers.

Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 10:59 pm  
Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
Amazing writing, it actually made me react
verbally as I read it. I was yelling for them
to scoll, and duck and such. I am so relieved
that most made it out safely and I hope the
Gargoyle threat is eliminated.

I hope somehow someway Brimstome survived,
and that he completed the destruction of the nest.

But 2 weeks to find out what is next is gonna be
rough. I know I will be checking several times a day,
lol, to see if you have posted early.

*Waiting on the edge of my seat*
Lady Ru
Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 7:44 am    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Interesting hint you've given us there, friend.

Rest up these couple of weeks, we'll need your mind
at its sharpest if you're going to continue this amazing
pace without a mental meltdown Laughing

Raistlin wrote:
That said much of the credit for any success that
Kittie and I have had in writing this series is due to
you the Player Characters that have trusted us
with your creations.

I don't believe it is that we merely trust you with our
Characters, Raist. At least for myself, and I'm sure
the same is true for others, it is an honor to be even
a small part of your tale. And I am sincerely glad that
you've still found a use for Brimstone's supporting
cast throughout this series.
Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 11:39 am    
Post subject:
Damia quotes Fatman and responds,
Fatman wrote:
With all that healing going on i should
start charging you all =) haha ...Cheers

~standing to one side damia looks around and
sees fats. catching his eye, she calls~ Come,
Paladin of Shinobi. Mother would like to speak with you.
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 12:11 am    
Post subject:
I uh...uhm...well ya see...about that...
hmmm...It wasnt me!! It was him over
there!! *points behind a tree* That blasted
doppleganger impersonating me yet again.. Razz
Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 8:02 pm    
Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Perfect place to end this segment, Raist!
Laughing Gonna drive us mad with anticipation as always.

I can't help but wonder what impact the Queen's
remaining sister will have here, but perhaps I just
listen to too many of my paralegal's soaps. *groan*

Anyway, it's great to catch up with our adventurers
again...I'm sincerely glad you had time to create Smile
Posted: Sun May 21, 2006 12:22 am    
Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
*Waits and trys for patience* Excellent
tale Shalafi, my friend. You did well on these
chapters. I know have developed empathy for
the Gargoyle Queen, I do not want the Ladies
to be hurt or captured, but I feel for the Queen
and her troubles as well.

Hoping for more chapters soon,
Lady Ru
Posted: Sun May 21, 2006 3:02 am    
Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
I sort of know what you mean lady Ru
but trust me on this dont let any mixed emotion
get in the way of the work that must be done here.
Brimstone, Tarn, John, Veksar have a special need
to see the end of the gargoyles, Lord Mal Psy
Xcon Genk and the others also know what these
things can do but I can assure you that Ziona Myst
Nessa Tersha and Fawnn will be making sure that
even if identifing with the Queen's sibling rivalry they
will be kicking butt big time and no female of any
species is gonna hurt their men or make sacrifices of
them just to let her get one up on her sister.

Ahhhh Raist and Kittie we had to wait awhile but as
usual you dont dissapoint and are worth the wait.
So good to have something to look forward to
in the forum.
One of the author's posts because the
next reader refers to it:
Posted: Sun May 21, 2006 6:32 am    
Post subject:
Raistlin wrote,

Lady Ru,

Hmm. I was mildly curious to see if anyone
felt empathy for the Lady Gryphon Knight. I
was even morbidly curious to see if anyone wished
the werewolf King good luck in his battle. I must
say that it never occurred to me that anyone would
feel empathy for the Gargoyle Queen. Afterall she
hates her sister and would kill her if not for fear
of the King's retribution.

And all that simply because by the standards of her
race her sister is beautiful. I would have thought that
a Lady such as yourself would more readily identify
with the beautiful sister.

Me, well I sorta felt sorry for the werewolf King.
But he did die well. You can forgive his momentary
fear of the unknown. That is a natural reaction of any
sentient species. But sending his companions ahead
to face it first? He was unworthy of surviving his battle.

Fawnn my long time adventuring companion in this
series, you know from experience what the Gargoyles
are capable of and that knowledge serves you well.

Sorry for the mini cliff hanger but it was getting large.
Frankly I could have fit in another Chapter or two, but
the next decent breaking point is on a honking huge
cliffhanger. I'm getting weak in my old age lol.
Shoulda broke it there Muhahahaha.

But no one has commented on that dark, really dark
first Chapter bah. A Lady drowned for crying out loud.
How much darker can you get than that. I wanted to try
to capture the despair of the Lady as she finally realized
that she could not reach the surface. It still wasn't quite
right. Like an artist my skills need polish. My brushstrokes
are still too clumsy. I was trying to paint a flower and
blurred the petals.

Have a great day,
Raist Justice

Dedicated to the concept of Justice for all,
special privileges for none.

Posted: Sun May 21, 2006 7:52 am    
Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Raist hun you really havnt got how much
we trust you with this series if that had been
me in that pool I would know that you would
have me saved or allowed my death to mean
something do you expect us to believe that you
would do no less for a vailant Griffon knight truth
to tell I hadnt seen that part as dark and it allowed
her a closer relationship with her godess.

No I have no sympathy for any of the werewolfs
king or otherwise they took pleasure in terror and
pain so score one for the gargoyles on that one
sorry Raist. And Raist all girls with a sister particularly
a beautiful competive one will know where the Queen
is coming from even if they dont agree with her methods.
Raist we are waiting for more so hun bring it
Posted: Sun May 21, 2006 11:04 am    
Post subject:
Lady Ru quoting the author.

Hmm. I was mildly curious to see if anyone
felt empathy for the Lady Gryphon Knight.
But no one has commented on that dark, really
dark first Chapter bah. A Lady drowned for crying
out loud. How much darker can you get than that.
I wanted to try to capture the despair of the Lady
as she finally realized that she could not reach
the surface.

I did feel for the Lady Knight, her fear and despair
were very well written, but even as she succumbed,
I knew that somehow Damia would find a way to save
her. I must admit, however, that as soon as it was clear
she was dying, I read faster to find out how she
would be saved.

I was even morbidly curious to see if anyone
wished the werewolf King good luck in his battle.
Me, well I sorta felt sorry for the werewolf King.
But he did die well. You can forgive his momentary
fear of the unknown. That is a natural reaction of
any sentient species. But sending his companions
ahead to face it first? He was unworthy of surviving
his battle.

No, As soon as he sent his ppl on ahead and dropped
back to let them face the unknown 1st, I had no respect
for him. He was a brutal killer that only cared of himself
and not his ppl or race. That motivation lacks honor
and gets no sympathy on my side.

I must say that it never occurred to me that
anyone would feel empathy for the Gargoyle
Queen. Afterall she hates her sister and would
kill her if not for fear of the King's retribution.
And all that simply because by the standards
of her race her sister is beautiful. I would have
thought that a Lady such as yourself would more
readily identify with the beautiful sister.

She hates her sister, yes, but not just because she is
beautiful. Her sister is a threat to her and her position.
The Queen is heavy, full of eggs, and sees everything
in her life possibly being lost. Her mate has an eye for
her sister, and if the Queen doesn't do a formal mating
with the King, by their ritual, she faces losing her status,
her mate, and everything else that matters, possibly
including her life.

That is where I feel the empathy, many women feel
unattractive and worthless while pregnant. I can also
relate to the other fears, so I do feel for the Queen
Gargoyle. Don't get me wrong though, I may empathize
with her, and understand her position a bit, but her
methods and choices are vicious, and I want the threat
she offers to our friends eliminated. I will rejoice in our
victory over her as much as anyone else.

Waiting eagerly for more,
Lady Ru
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 9:17 pm    
Post subject: Brimstone

What a great annivesary gift! TYTYTY!
It is good to see your imagination in print
again and the insightfullness of Kitty, posted
once again in this realm of forums Smile
I can identify greatly with the female knight....
I have nearly drown twice in my life... once as
a small child of about 6 the next time as a
teenager in a busy public pool. I saw your
words clearly in my mind.

A great ending to one adventure leading
to the begginning of another adventure.
*BRAVOOOOO* Damn gargoyles they
gonna eat arrows Smile I was very happy
to see the werewolves annillated fron
existence Smile

*curtseys low*
welcome back to forums Brimstone
Only those who try... make mistakes



Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 5:08 pm    
Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*Applauds happily and issues a smile to all
the companions.*

Well done Raist, as usual Very Happy . You kept the story
captivating, yet throwing in subtlies. I enjoyed it
greatly. As you know, I tend to stay away from
empathy unless directed to the companions. My
anger towards those who threaten hilts all other
emotions. But I did have a stagering feeling of dread
for the Femme Gryphon Knight... as usual, however,
my faith in their god prevailed.

I am however intrigued on the future comings
between the companions and the Gargoyles once
more. I relish in the thought of getting down right
dirty and seeing their demise for what they have
done. Even though, I do not think us gals have
seen the end of being the center of the malicous
comings. The werewolves, I find, are more of
an annoyance and I'm glad to see their end. Especially
considering the torture they placed on my lovely neice
and the rest of us.

On a side note, I am happy to see a few more Brimstone
fans emerge. It should be interesting to see how they get
incorporated into our adventures. More because we tend
to end up in battles that require the help of others. But I
have always full faith in you Raist, and Kittie, so I'm sure
each new edition will be as honored as the rest of us for
their participation.

I'm sitting at the edge of my chair awaiting the next segment
to help end this cliffhanger. I commend you friend, you do
this to me almost everytime. Wink I'm glad to see we're back
in action though, I have missed the companions and our
endless adventure.

Good on ya, friend. Have a good day. Smile
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 12:10 pm    
Post subject:
Shocked WOW!!!!...... what a Thriller these chapters
have been. you started them out mellow and then
just unleashed havoc. I gotta reread this is soo
good. Ouch 1st time we've pretty much been
pawned as a whole. Can't wait till the next one
and how have we recovered? where is Brimestone?
Will the gargoyles come after us? Will they be
more cocky? AAaaa tooo many questions?

Dam that was good Raistlin.

Anpu Sandstorm





Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:48 pm    
Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Wow, amazing battle here. So many possible
complications, and all of them thought through
masterfully. It's good to see the Torlags teaming
up with the companions, they're an extraordinary
species and bring a new dimension to the story
and to battles.

I like how you incorporated the newer companions
here, and I'm impressed with how you utilized Juz.
He does come across a bit snide, but in my experience
is a valuable and loyal comrade.

Doesn't sound like I'll be finding my halberd judging
by the mess Brimstone's got himself in to. Maybe
I'll learn to wield a more practical weapon Laughing

Thank you for continuing to create this masterpiece,
Raist. It Put me in a good mood following four extra
hours of paperwork after closing the office. It's been
a pleasure reading your tale and having the opportunity
to play a role in it. I look forward to more soon! Very Happy
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:51 pm    
Post subject: Brimstone
Sooooo coool! I loved that battle! lol How
long till the the next segment?

That was also realllllly clever the way you
preserved Brimstone, I woulda never
guessed it no where close! Actually think
I had forgotten his ammy, its part in our
stories has laid dormant in the shadows lol,
congrats on re-introducing the ammy back
into play Smile Great job, well done!

I got to read the Pig Killa ending also,

*gargoyle huntress*
Only those who try... make mistakes
Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:28 am    Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Thank you Raist we needed that and I knew we
could trust that you would save Brimstone it just
would'nt be the same without him.

Welcome to the new much needed companions
whilst we have coped so far I'm sure all of us feel
that a little more help fighting these gargoyles is
appeciated and clearly our battles are not done.
Raist said there were colonies on all the greater land
masses so it would seem that having more warriors
trained to fight these monsters is good to have.

wtg Raist and Kittie again awaiting the next
installment with worm on tongue
Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 7:24 pm Post subject:
Pierrot wrote,
I'm so tired .. ack.. something about a battle..
my name .. gargoyle .. brimstone .. wha? need...
sleeep v_v

Well seriously, im too tired to read it right now
since its 2:23 in the morning and i've had a few
beers. But ill just have something to look forward
to in the morning, weeeee.

Arigatou, Raistlin-san
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:38 am    
Post subject:
Hearty howdy to all Brimstone fans!!
As usual a great story Raist
I spent the last 2 hours going through the
chapters i hadnt read

I have also edited the map i made a while
back to add Paradise Cove according to
the where it states in the Brimstone story.

Sorry i havnt been on game and forum for a
while, my interests have been elsewhere lately
but you may catch me ingame ocassionally.

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 9:23 am    
Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
Again, great job, Shalafi, I am eagerly
awaiting the next part of the story. In my
opinion, your writing skills should be published.
Have you ever thought to try? I know I would
buy your books.

Thank you for the honor of allowing me to
appear in your tales

Lady Ru
Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:10 pm    
Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Well, Jedi and I need a few scars to validate
the war stories we share at the local tavern in
hopes of impressing the ladies. Otherwise we'd
have to rely on our charm, and that would be an
utter disaster! Laughing But I'm sure every one of
Brimstone's allies would gladly sacrifice more
than just the occasional headache or
dismemberment in the continued protection of
our friends and our homes.

Raistlin wrote:
...he has the eagerness of Jedi tempered
with the wisdom of Fawnn the accuracy
of Ziona and the judgement of Mystyka.

All this about someone who let a flask of wine
get the best of him? Wink The unique qualities of
the companions create a near-perfect
complement to one another, thus making
your statement true for all of our heroes.



Surrendered Soul to OOdlz.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:32 pm    

Post subject:

Ohh hell I just imagined myself in this
epic tale while I was sleeping, uhm I
woke up screaming, Raist, never
ever do it if I ask you to!!!


Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 11:30 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*Jumps up and down waving her arms*
I'm here! Fashionably late one of my traits? lol

Heh, ok... I'll start off with a
Raist, Kittie that was great. I do however
REALLY HATE these Gargoyles lol. I'm always
overly fond of the companions adventures, but
these snide little screwballs are making me all
angry and stuff. Anyways, lol, that was great
hun. I truly enjoyed the battle. Seeing our warrior
companions getting their exercise is rather amusing..
especially with Mala and Jedi. I also fall into rank
with everyone else welcoming the new companions
with a cheery "Well Done!". I am thrilled to
see new arrivals enjoying what we have come to love oh
so much, and well the pure entertainment value that Juz
brings... other than the headache he tends to give me
Wink lol. However, I was in complete distress the whole
time with worry and anticipation for our dear Brimstone...
hard to bare the wait on his fate. Even though I have high
praise for our companions.. it's difficult to have this sort
of thing placed on them. Their beloved leader and friend
in trouble... they'll come through! They have to!

A couple side notes ... Mal, seriously man lol quit the
drinking! Them ladies that you've been telling the war
stories to really aren't as good looking as you think HAHA.
Juz... welcome and be good! Or I'll be locking you in
a closet at one of my many stores lol. Oh, and Raist
was right... you are in rough company, got lots to live
up to with some of these guys.
Lady Ru, Lady Sparks... good to see some more females,
easier to keep the guys in order that way Wink.
And Raist, the rumor of teaching the Torlags magic?
HECK YA! I'm sooooo up for it. Fawnn and I would
have a blast! Besides, Tarn wasn't so much into learning
magic.... HAHA.

But yes, as usual my friend BRAVO. Loved it and cannot
wait for the next installment. Supperb thought put into this,
referrencing the Stone's act to preserve Brimstone. Heh,
and I REALLY want to see what Damia is going to do.
Anywho... great job Kittie and Raist, we could not ask
for a better story. Thanks!

I didn't catch the subtle interaction you referred to
about Juz... but I sure it was warrented, heh.
Good on ya friend Very Happy
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Another author post because of reader
comments that follow.
Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 5:27 am Post subject:
Raistlin wrote,
Greetings Mystyka,

Thank you for the insightful response. Don't feel
bad about missing the lil joke. No one else got it
either. Kittie tells me that at times I can be a
bit too subtle. Indeed, I'm not even sure that
you or the other players from other countries
would be exposed to the information
to the degree that Americans are.

Here is the quote from the tale.

Raistlin wrote:

Chapter 241.

The first hours of their march toward the
caverns were uneventful for the Companions,
who settled into a ground eating pace early
on. By highsun they had managed half the
distance to the cavern system. They stopped
briefly then for a cold meal of bread and cheese.
They had some pig meat with them prepared a
special way by one of the city cooks who had
devised the cooking method. It was cooked
slowly over a controlled heat and enclosed in
a box so that wood smoke permeated it. So
thorough was the cooking that the meat literally
fell to pieces into thin strands. Taking forkfuls of
that meat they added it to their bread and cheese
and topped it all off with another slice of bread.

Mystyka found the flavorful meal enticing and
speculated that they might need to speak to the
cook about the preparation and eventually open
a shop to sell the concoction in Harvest Moon.
Juz spoke up then saying, "Nah, the stuff would
never sell. Who'd buy this when they could buy
a ham?"

"Fawnn interjected, "I don't know about that Juz.
It travels well. It's compact and quite good."

Mystyka just smiled as she ate and planned for
the future.

Now think of the description of the food. What do
you call meat that is slow cooked in a box that allows
wood smoke to permeate it and cooked to the point
that the meat literally falls to pieces into thin strands
with a little prompting by the cook? Barbeque.
The lil joke on Juz was:

Raistlin wrote:
Juz spoke up then saying, "Nah, the stuff
would never sell. Who'd buy this when they
could buy a ham?"

Ok a bit lame but to my twisted sense of humar
it was funny. Barbeque is big buisness in America.
Really big. But for all I know it doesn't sell in Canada
or Australia. I don't know as I have never been there.
But Americans love it. Alright I confess that I muddled
the issue by adding cheese to it. Didn't want to make
it too easy to spot. LOL I thought the description was
a dead giveaway as is. No American I know
would add cheese to a Barbeque sandwich though so I
camouflaged the food a bit.

As to Brimstone. Well something has happened that
might just change things regarding his fate. That
Gargoyle that overheard Jedi's seemingly innocent
comment about finding Lord Malachi's runed halberd
as they searched for Brimstone just might stir the mix.

But if the Gargoyles should find Brimstone first and
dig him out surely the Stone of Light would protect
him wouldn't it? Oh drats it is out of power isn't it.
Oh my. And if the Gargoyles believe that by nursing
fledgelings on his blood as he lies comatose the
breed would prosper? Some might call that a fate
worse than death. Perhaps death would be

Nothing is eternal. Not even the Gods of Althea.
The war of the Gods validate that. Brimstone is a
demi God. Half God and half mortal. But if Brimstone
should perish his friends can carry on can't they?
They are strong and unified unless they let something
or someone break that unity.

Look for the rest in another week or two.

Have a great day,
Raist Justice

Dedicated to the concept of Justice for all,
special privileges for none.

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 7:12 am    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
That was a good one there, Raist. I recall laughing at
Juz's remark, as I just did reading it again. But things
only seem to come to my cluttered mind when I'm not
searching for them, as I was when you mentioned the
interaction with Juz.

Barbeque where I live (Western NC) is a fanatical
religion. The followers of both Lexington and Carolina
Barbeque almost seem to be in a holy war against one
another at times. Craziness. At least it makes for a number
of annual cookoffs, that I bet even Juz would enjoy Wink
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:39 am    
Post subject:
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm gob
smacked at the amount of sheer brilliance
of that, I think you described Shalmain to a
tee! (Dunno about all that dignity stuff
though Razz) I'm gonna have to say
''Wanna dance'' more often now! lol
I was quite worried for Juz and Perriot both
when I read that, frightened me for a minute
there! lol Excellent, excellent... I must read it
again! lol The new King frightens me, he seems
to be full of wit and know what he's doing,
even if he may be put off quite a bit
occasionally... must read all
the tales to finality!

OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:57 am 

Post subject:

That was quite enjoyable i really cant wait
for the next one i hope its soon Smile i too was
worried about juz and pierrot but in the
end it turned to be a great twist cant wait
to read whats next and what they get
into great work raist and kittie keep it up.....

*Laughs at ru* Mwahahahahaha i read it
before you Razz
Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 8:21 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Lol Raist I think these young whipper-snappers
have said it MEGA of course.

But they will learn to trust you as we do all your
actions with our characters are in character and
keeping of the peep portrayed and the outcome is
You have again given us a great read and whilst this
one is not a cliff hanger as such you clearly have left
us knowing there is more to come and we are eager
for more.

Raist and Kittie both, I for one (and I know there
are others) really appreciate your efforts to bring us
these stories we love being a part of this series and
the companionship it has given us.
Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:49 am Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
Great writing, I am so relieved that all made it safely
back home. I also vote for a Mega section, but I know
the story itself sets the length at times, not the author.

Thank you to Shal and zady, letting me know this was
posted as soon as I woke this morn lol *hugs*

Reading these tales makes it so difficult to wait for the
next chapters, I spoiled myself I think by reading the
previous chapters in one sitting. But as was said in the
other thread, the anticipation is worth it.

Wonderful job Kittie and Raist
Lady Ru
Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:21 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
I've made my noon appointment wait in the lobby
a bit so that I could finish reading, so I'd better
make this quick Laughing

Shalmain will make a great addition in future segments,
as he proved to be so vital in this one. His personality
is not one commonly found within our realm, and
between his wit and determination
(or hard-headedness Wink) he will make for a valuable
ally and companion.

I like this new King. Despite his stance against humanity,
I must appreciate his guile. Rather than foolishly launch
an all-out assault against a formidable opponent, he
chooses to use other deadly resources at his disposal.

As Fawnn said, we thank you and Kittie for continuing to
bring us this wonderful story. And here's hoping it will
be a long-lived collaboration of your talents.

Back to work Wink


Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 6:45 pm Post subject:

Mystyka wrote,
Heh, I'm not that late after all Very Happy

Ok, where do I start....

Bravo Raist and Kittie as usual. This was a
spectacular seriers of events and I was very
pleased by all the activity. So many things I didn't
see coming... Juz getting his head severed off??!!!
Oooohhh my! LoL. Pierrot gets bit and Fatty takes
the venom into himself?! Whoa. I'm so glad those
two incidents were taken care of and we were not
forced to lose them. A few unfortunate deaths and
some wicked injuries. But all in all, I was astounded
and so glad everything worked out. More so for
Brimstone. I know there are a few of us who hold
him close to our hearts in the tale, that would have
been mortally devistated if anything would have
went wrong with his rescue. A few other points...
John, Tarn and Versha brought justice to their roles
as leaders in the time of need and it was great to
see how you made that play out Raist. And I was
certainly entertained by Shal's role in the whole
situation. He brought a willingness to assist and
had a great strength to do his part... with that
I welcome him Smile. **And the other
new additions Wink**

Now that I have babbled abit... I'm wrap this up
with a couple things. Raist, as usual what Fawnn
and Mala have both indicated is more than correct.
We have the upmost confidence in you and Kittie
with our characters. We also appreciate the story
in a whole and the pleasure that you bring us with
it. We could not have asked for more than you have
given us and the fact that the story still lives on
brings more joy to us than you can imagine.
A great BIG thanks!!!

I caught your little hint by the way... and my
jaw dropped lol. I totally can't wait to see how
you make this all pan out. A few days ago I
went back and read alot of the early chapters,
as well I skimmed over alot of the newer ones.
The companions have been through so much in
just over a year of your story and yet, we get
stronger, wiser and gain more friends along
the way. I always have questions about stuff
that may or could happen, yet I tend to forget
all that knowing you have a tendancy to answer
all within each segment. So....

Good on ya!!! And I'll stop now cuz this is long lol
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legend
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:52 pm    
Post subject: Brimstone
Excellant as always Raist my hats off
again to yourself and Kitty!
I do believe your getting better at the
dark and gloomy stuff lol. This segment
had me on the edge of my seat, not
one time could I guess what was
coming next. Your imagination as far
as I can tell has no limits.

Welcome Shalmain and Zady to our
Brimstone family Smile *hugggs*
When did you say we could expect the
next segment hmmmmmm Smile

*Curtseys low to the ground toward
a master of the pen*
Only those who try... make mistakes

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:08 am 

Post subject:

Shalmain wrote,
hehehe I really can't wait now, that
last segment was very dark, I know
your mind can go much much deeper...
just dont come to the dark side,
we're full! *looks at Fawnn and fam
and zady* lol

Yup I would say Shalmain is the
wittiest and most sarcastic git i've
ever come accross lol He just never
stops with the comebacks! lol

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 12:16 pm    

Post subject:

Lord Malachi wrote,
I simply cannot wait to see the levels
of emotion you can conjure in our heroes
and villains. Such malicious desires are
found within us all, and it takes a true
gift to properly exploit the potential
darkness in even the most pious of men
and women. We are all capable of
despicable acts, though the motivation
for them is entirely human.

Aside from that point, I've grown
accustomed to a smaller, truer blade
(ancient scimitar Razz). While I may lack
the sheer power of the heavy halberd,
I'm left to my own strength and
swordsmanship in battle. Plus it can't
hurt to be able to lug around a shield
to keep my noggin' safe Wink Heheh.
Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 1:10 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Sounds like my complacency with my shiny new
sword might cause some problems, hah.

I really couldn't imagine a villain any other way than
seemingly devoid of emotions. A man of emotions
can be understood, and his actions have clear motive.
True evil is incomprehensible to man, though he is
inherently evil, until witnessed in its unbridled state.
Besides, if we knew his emotions, we may empathize
with him, and the bloodlust would surely subside.
Wouldn't want that now, would we? Wink hehe, kidding!

Really really looking forward to reading this one,
woot. Smile
Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 3:10 pm  Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
So... I just had a big long post regarding my
feelings towards this next segment.... and
my comp disconnected and I lost it Evil or Very Mad.....
I may toss my comp out the window if
this one doesn't take though...

Raist, my past post on the previous segment,
I did not have my faculties about me and did
not fully state how much enjoyment I truly got
from the story being portrayed. You have a
certain way about you and your writing that
allows us readers to get into our emotions and
be taken over. For that, I am ever grateful that
the Brimstone story gives everyone a chance to
see the characters in their own light and follow
either their own or the PC's situations and emotions.
That being happy, sad, anger, love, hate, conviction,
remorse, laughter... but most of all trust. We trust
you with our characters and that in which you
portray, but most of all we trust in your ability to
give us a great story. Many times before you have
indicated a "dark" side to a segment, but you surely
allowed us to see another magnificent side to your
story telling abilities with the last chapters... and
I'm sure, regardless of how you may feel that we
will all read it from start to finish as we treasure
your minds work in a whole.

Zady, my friend, you have got your work cut out
for you. I give you tremendous props in allowing
your PC to take a different route then the rest of
us and become and enemy rather than a Companion.
This is courageous as in, never before have
we been placed into a situation where we have
another PC entwined in the story that is a threat.
*On a cliff-note to that I just want to let you know
that we do keep the happenings of Brimstone out
of the realm other than in conversation and I
personally will hold no grudge other than my feelings
towards my PC in Brimstone.... Then I may have to kill ya
Wink* Welcome to the fold!

Raist, you have given me a place in the story that I
have never experienced before and for that my
heartfelt thanks goes to Kittie and yourself. Prior
to this last segment I have enjoyed Brimstone with
utter compassion and I saw glimpses of my
PC's attributes and placement in the story, but until
now I hadn't realized the true character behind her.
Bravo to you and I have full trust in yourself and Kittie
for the next segment.
*Oh and HAHAHA "Quote : If I broke it, she'll fix it for me
god love her." Very nicely said!!!* I look forward to having
my friends at my side and seeing 2 more ladies take their
places in our little gaggle. Fawnn, Z... I sincerely hope
I don't have to change my title back to "Lady of Rage"...
or do I??? Wink Heh.

As per usual this post is long... so I'll wrap it up lol
Thank you again for continuing to give us this story
and allowing us to be there for you and each other
through it. You say "dark things are coming", I say
Great things are coming! Good on ya Raist and Kittie
and I simply cannot wait for the upcoming read.

*Side Note* I believe Mal said everything better...
as he has a much better grasp on saying things
short and to the point....
I'm more longwinded lol.
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 4:48 pm Post subject:
Zadykiel wrote,
Cant wait to read whats coming up mystyka told
me there was a post on forums and i was hoping
it was the new chapters Sad oh wells ill just have to
wait a bit longer to see what havoc i cause *Smirks*
i know raist and kittie wont dissapoint
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 8:56 pm 

Post subject:

Woooo, being dark hopefully means
I'll be healing a fair few cracked heads
and what not, and giving that frostbane
of mine a bit of a work out, really
looking forward to see more of Caval!!
Such a nice guy he is haha, although i
think he should consult a doctor on that
body odour of his, a bit overwhelming
at times lol

Can't wait for the next chapters!
*pokes Kittie to edit faster* lol Razz

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:17 pm 

Post subject:

Lord Malachi wrote,
Mystyka wrote:
*Side Note* I believe Mal said
everything he has
a much better grasp on saying
things short and to the point....
I'm more longwinded lol.

I only said it better than anyone could
have said it for me. I for one think you
make excellent points in your posts,
and am glad when I make it here first,
you're a tough act to follow!

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 11:46 pm    

Post subject:

Fawnn quoting,
If you are curious as to which three
they are:

1. The segment with Ziona, Fawnn
     and Mystyka in the pit.

2. The war of the gods backstep
     segment when Damia took
     Brimstone back to see it.

3. The Bre wars segment when
     Corey died.

You were right about those three
being segments that made
major inpacts. the - first
cemented the friendship
and cohesion of Myst, ziona and I
the second - was needed to
introduce new readers to the
seriers and to let then old hands
renew their roots the third - well
it took us to new areas of
territory,spells tactics allies
and losses.

Myst knows that whatever happens
Ziona and I will be there for her no
matter what and that we now have
others with new dimensions to add.
halbred or sword Lord mal is there
with the warriors, archers Anpu and
team, Veksar and the mages,
Lord Fatman, Cavel and the torlags
to add to the mix and then theres
Shal adding his own kind of.........
ummm help If this segment is really
dark Raist it will bring with
it new experinces and oppotunities
for the companions to grow and
we know Brimstone and Damia
are always there to lead us from
the darkness.

I just cant believe where you find
the time and inspiration to keep
bringing us such quantaties
of quality work.

all I can say to you both is keep
it up please.

lol wish i could work this quote

business out


Kittie Justice
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:23 pm 

 Post subject:

Fatman wrote:
...Can't wait for the next chapters!
*pokes Kittie to edit faster* lol Razz

eeeep!!!! ~looks up wildly, looks back
at puter and edits faster~
love and light,

in some cultures what i do is
considered normal.

i am not weird, i'm gifted
OOdlz Master

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:48 pm 

Post subject:


I think you should publish your own book
^_^. I think it would work out quite well,
seem to be quite the author.

Orig MP
Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 10:29 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
It was, of course, brilliant. However, you hit it right
on the head this time when you labeled it as dark.

What you did with Zady, wow...could be Dalghard
himself. A human mage able to manipulate the
anger within two powerful species to serve his
own desires makes for a very formidable villian.
I'm glad that Zady submitted himself to this role,
and that you were willing and able to create it.

I hope the companions are up to the challenge,
as more than justice is at stake, and the foes
bitter and numerous. I simply can't wait!
Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 10:30 pm Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Wow so much to take in. Zady really is evil but dumb
too if he thinks that he can control werewolves and
gargoyles but he will find that out.

But what is the shocking answer that Myst will
give Tarn? Shal you make a great spy and I'm
pleased your not boring us telling us your bored lol.

I do hope we get to Tarn in time because I want
to be there when he gets free ( to hold Myst back
so Tarn can have his fair revenge).

Thank you Raist and Kittie yet again you give us a
great tale that keeps getting better and is so
enjoyable to come to forum for.
Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:36 am Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
I don't know where to start...

It's been over a year now for the Brimstone story.
Many emotions have been experienced and placed
upon the readers....

Cruel, deeply sad, and possibly one of the worst
cases of anger one can feel from a story... these are
the emotions I am feeling...

At the same time, I take myself away from those
emotions and bask in the greatness the story possesses.
It's a book I choose to never put down nor do I ever
want to see it end. *Applause*

Raist, Kittie, that was absolutely brilliant.
Now... on to the story heh (Now that I've calmed down a bit)
I guess we took the "this is dark" remark for granted...
I would not have thought this possible. I do however see
future events twisting and turning in my head. I'm definitely in
shock... however delighted that this series of actions may be
one of the best battles to be sought. I have goose bumps...
and mascara marks to prove it lol.

Zady....WHOA. I am blown to the moon over this one.
The companions have met beasts, Gods, horrible people
in general... but yet are to experience something that
possesses all these traits in one. This character has the
potential for disaster. (Even though I have faith the
Companions will prevail). An alliance between 2.. no,
3 of the most formidable opponents the Companions
have encountered is sure to be a page stopper. Raist,
I commend you deeply on your will to be so utterly
creative and great at illustrating this story to the readers.
(Btw... welcome Zady Smile)

On a personal note... I was crying with myself and even
before. You had me from the get-go. However... I am
throwing down my right as a woman to place into effect
the longtime phrase "A woman scorn......" I know the
morality in this story is justice and peace. I know the
companions are good. But as I am woman, I am also evil.
Raist, I now know the dark side of you lives and breathes
behind your ever-loving soul.. but I give you full right to give
Mystyka the chance to be that... woman scorn and evil. And
yes, I agree with Fawnn, I do wish to see Tarn freed and
allowed his vengeance and justice. But, I do thank you for
allowing Myst to have her friends by her at all times... that is
one thing that should always be charished.

Anyways... getting long as I normally can....
Raist and Kittie... I cannot thank you both enough for giving
us the Brimstone story. I can agree whole-heartedly with Mala
and Fawnn that it just keeps getting better and makes it
a pleasure to visit the forums. I cannot wait for the next
segment... for a
variety of reasons Wink

Good on ya my friends Very Happy

P.S. Thank you for showing my character in such an amazing
light. I am grateful. Oh, and Raist... what am I missing here?
LOL And Fawnn... you really want to hold me back??
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 1:28 am Post subject:
Zadykiel wrote,
Oh my god i absolutely love it its truely a work of
pure genious the way you took my character and
made him more evil then i could have ever dreamed
i truely cant wait to see the next segment but i have
bookmarked this one to a quick list cause it is truely
a work of art id like to thank everyone for welcoming
me into the storyline and i hope you all dont hate me
lol i had Lady Ruatha give me a call tonight while i was
pulling into my driveway from helping a friend and she
told me she just wishes so bad she could batter me to
death with meteor lmao i really couldnt help but smile
as the way raistlin and kittie have allowed me to be
portrayed in this wonderful book i just cant wait to
see where it goes from here i just hope i dont get killed
off for a good while Smile and if i do perhaps raist could
listen to an idea or maybe use one of the tricks up my
sleeve for a come back Twisted Evil *Smirks*



Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 7:49 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Raist rest assured that for as long as I remain in
the realm no one will take Zady to task for how
he is represented in the Brimstone tales but it not
only me many know Zady in the realm and know
that this tale is not a complete picture of Zady.
One of the features that make me and probably
others is that in the tale so addicted is that Fawnn
is 'more' and nobler in the tale- game Fawnn is not
so nearly ... how should I say it.... nice? and if Fawnn
can be "nicer' in Brimstone then Zady can be wickeder
its whats known as poetic liecence and none should be
called to task for it without it we would not have such
wonderfull tales to read.

When we volenteer our characters to Raist and Kittie's
care we do it knowing that we are in good hands no
matter how it plays out.

so Zady can be long lived in the realm and know that
his character will not be treated badly due to his
involvment in the tales.
Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 8:51 am Post subject:
Shalmain wrote,
lol you cought Shalmain's personality so
well in this sentance;
Shalmain bowed formally to the Goddess and
replied, "I'm bored to death right now so I'm the
man for it. What is the mission this time?"

I'm actually quite surprised you've picked up on alot
of things I thought most people wouldn't, guess I better
raise those barriers next time I'm ingame lol...
Excellent storyline, by golly it was dark, I've never seen
Zady so strong willed and yet so dreadfully evil. Tis but
ah wonderful thought. lol

I was severily angry at Tarn's friend's murder, made me
feel great amounts of pity towards that shipman, tarn's
gonna murder his poor, good for nothing arse with
a 2 by 4!

Shalmain's progressing well, hopefully he's gonna kick
some butt while in the werewolf's cave. I like that he
is a good spy, but even sometimes, spies gotta kick
some arse Very Happy

A well rounded tale Raist, and I can't wait for the
next edition Smile
Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 9:16 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Very true Fawnn. Despite the vileness of his role in
this great story, Zady has very little backlash to fear
so long as his friends walk the realm.

But yes, Raist...sheer brilliance finally gave way to
darkness. You've done a great thing here Very Happy
Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:40 am Post subject:
XconX wrote,
I havent been able to take the time to sit and read
your storys lately but I'm glad I did, and now I'm
caught up again.

Definetly a darker tone than before, but you know
what? I love it!
Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 9:17 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Lol all the companions worries are over Xconx only
has to siche that ugly mutt onto Zadykiel and wow watch
him run - that thing has to be the ugliest thing I have ever
seen and that includes whats in the mirror the morning after
a bad night lol. GO get him fido
Sat May 19, 2007 10:14 pm    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Loved Tarn's battles, Raist...well done. You seem to do quite
well with combat, so that comes as no surprise.

Luthina's much as I'd like to say that threw me
for a loop, it didn't. Didn't expect that seed to be nurtured,
but it was planted long ago. and you do a wonderful job of
drawing on open ended statements of segments past to
enhance your storylines.

Wish I could say more, but I need to get going! Will have to
reread and post some more tomorrow. Was nice coming
home to some Brimstone, though Smile So thank you, sir.
OOdlz Master

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:40 am    
Post subject:
*G*……wow what a fortress and my
instincts keep telling me this is a death
trap. To me it seems like it doesn’t
matter to Zadykiel if his 2 allies are alive,
they would better suit him undead and
under his complete control than independent
of there own free will. Grrr something keeps
bugging me. Where the other 2 enemy allies
with there armies at? I don’t like this one bit,
wish we had more time to scout out the area,
at least let the Torlag’s use that incredible
nose of theirs to see if there are undead
hidden about like in that village we had a
small battle at.

Hmm the path which most of the party is to
use. How safe is it? What is to our flanks….
tsk tsk….too little time and the way
Brimstone said 15 min I don’t like it one
bit. Lets hope the Gargoyle don’t use that air
tactic they have been using in the past….think
I’ll try to entangle there wings… yea *grins evilly*.
I say we lay down traps for the enemy especially
on the path to the beach where they are to meet.
Or at least set up some type of alarm to our flanks.
I keep feeling something is out of place. The
fortress is built extremely well for defense in a
very good location. He must have planned for
a ground attack; he’s no fool and the Gargoyle
King is an excellent tactician as long as Zadykiel
allows him…… blaaa enough anticipation.

Until the next Chapter I bid thee farewell.
*tries to shake off the eerie feeling as the
hairs from the back of his neck stand up*

Anpu Sandstorm
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:21 pm   
 Post subject:
Hail Sir, another fine and dark tale. I can
tell this one is probably the most dangerous
mission up to date. I hope those that
volunteered get through there mission part
alive and well…..maybe exhausted but still
alive. I eerie feel as if Dalghard is attempting
to create his own demi god (his version of
Brimstone) from where he is. Though I still
question how he was able to survive and
why the other gods didn’t sense his stone
or would it be a violation of the accords.
More importantly I hope Damia is able to
control herself, hate to see her loose any
of her powers. She’s assisted us a lot in
the past…..will she be able to do so again.

Hmm time to use a lot of our ranger skills,
looks like he intends to take out Lady Ru.
Think I’m going to stay in her shadows if
you will. Since she’s mortal (seraphed
but never the less still mortal) I don’t
believe there is anything the gods or
accords can effect what information
she reveals. Beside she was singled
out by my impression as the most
dangerous member at the moment to
foil Zadykiels plans. Besides the
dream or premonition she experienced
could be
the trap itself.

This is going to be very interesting indeed.
Until the next Chapter I bid thee farewell. Twisted Evil

Anpu Sandstorm
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 12:36 pm    
Post subject:
Twisted Evil *takes his hat off to Kittie & Raistlin*
These last 3 new chapters have been
dark and (at least imo) a very good
attention to detail has been written into
these tales. I could vision what this story
would look like. Its been an emotional
roller coster if you will and a great pleasure
to be part of. I can't wait till the next chapter.
I've even gotten my wife to start reading
these tales. She's asked me if you where
an author. Now she wants to read all of
tales of Brimstone. Razz course I had to point
out my little roll in this huge epic story Wink .
I have it on my pc saved in
Word and its 250+ pages long so far.

Until then I bid thee farewell.

Anpu Sandstorm
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 7:41 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Since the introduction of Zady's character to the story
there has been a door opened which magnifies emotion
with a fabulous read. I'm not saying we haven't had the
pleasure of feeling towards the Brimstone story, just that
I don't think the Companions were ever fully prepared for
such a threat as this.... and for that, we have a beautiful
addition to an already spectacular story.

I, along with so many other readers I believe, felt so much
sadness for the Companions as they had to take on the
village in the first segment. The dullness in their hearts I
could not imagine, even if it was the only thing that could
be done. So much evil and badness in the past has shown
these friends their strengths, but I don't think anyone could
express the full effect this must have had. I give you kudos
for this Raist, a terrific writter you truly are to have the angst
to place something like this upon your own treasures, the
Companions. *Give's Fatty a big hug* You did what needed
to be done, friend. Good on ya.

The second half to this segment has thrown me into a loop
of thought. I'm absolutely thrilled Brimstone has been taught
his true powers, but at what cost? For the good... yes yes...
I know. And if it all goes to hell and back he'll have his friends
there for him as usual. The subtleties you added along his
training journey were grand Raist, I certainly look forward to
some recap Wink
As for the harder part to this... I'm worried for our party of 3.
The are keen, agile and completely capable, yes, but be it that
twists, turns and shocks generally come when such a task is at
hand... I sincerely hope everything stays on schedule.
*Kicks Shal... DON'T MESS UP BOY!* That for the
Companions as well as my dear friend Ziona. Too much
of the unknown....

Raist, when you told me this had some "extreme" parts in it,
I hadn't thought it be like this. But it is adding to a fantastic
masterpiece, so all I can do is appreciate it and wipe a few
lingering tears back. Well done friend, your mind never ceases
to amaze me.

Kittie, you wonderful woman you... I saw your handywork
all over this and GOOD ON YA! Our two favorite godesses
always shine Wink As does much of the great commentary I can
almost always hear.

I, like the others of course, look forward to the upcoming trials
and tribulations. And I thank you both for giving us this tale in
such great time... as it is such a highlight to any day or week.

P.S. *Groans and makes coffee for our ever-loving drunk
warriors* Your gonna need this boys. And Mal * Razz * back at ya.
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:40 pm    Post subject:
Shalmain quoting the author.
The adventures that those three had along the path
of that learning process would fill an entire volume.
But for now suffice it to say that in the seven years
his instructions took.

Ok I will edit later, but pard, this sort of narratorship
really Exclamation me. It's like when your watching Tom and Jerry
cartoon on television, and the character turns to you and
says "Yes kids, dont do such and such"...
lol it totally throws me from the story line Embarassed
Hope you can take such constructive criticisms Shocked
lalalallalallalalla, love the story so far pard
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:41 pm Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
dilema dilema dilema which emotion to deal with
first and to whom- who do I feel sorrier for the
huntsman seeing his mother like that or maybe
Lord fatman for his having to deal death to a child
or Shalmain for the burden he now carries of the
knowledge of the results if he fails the test now before
him or Ziona who has sent her only child beyond her care.

Anger at Zadykiel of course but we now know that he is
acting unders orders so who is more to blame the one
doing the deeds and getting his hands dirty or the one
sitting behind him not taking the risks?

Respect for who Brimstone has become- regret for
what the others may lose

and abiding regaurd for Damia and Shinobi you girls rock.

expectation of the coming battle and concern for those of
our party not with us and under our care.
and of course my total lack of sympathy for Jedi and
Lord Mal with their hangovers lol sorry guys.

so much to deal with and as usual Raist and Kittie have
given us so much to experence -(and to quote from one
of my favorite kid shows -Get smart) "and loving it"

Ya hoo you two another block buster.
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:07 pm Post subject:
Shalmain wrote,
Ok I read it all, I want more!!! rofl, darn im gonna
have to sleep on this to get all my emotions out and
all my thoughts out, although I wont voice them,
Wink I rarely do emphasise my sentances. *G*
Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 1:13 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Though Zady's trap may not have been all that i
mposing, it was quite disheartening for the
companions. Being forced to destory innocent
villagers, though reincarnated, makes the present
task one of the hardest to stomach.

Aside from maps and portals, it will be interesting
discovering Brimstone's new powers Twisted Evil Looking
forward to seeing our favorite demi God at work.

Jedi and Lord Malachi were the exceptions to
this. He wanted those two to make quite a
show of drinking large quantities of the potent
ale to make whoever was baiting the trap think
they were completely off guard. The two warriors
did their best to drink even their friends shares in
their enthusiasm for doing their part
in this adventure.

I had a good laugh at this part, I can see those two
having quite a time with this, as well as dancing with
the undead! It's nice to have a few warriors around
to liven things up a bit Wink

I'm a little ecstatic about the fortress assault, will
make for an amazing battle, and should test the
mettle of Brimstone and the companions. Oh, the
tactical possibilities, I can't wait!

Raist and Kittie, thank you for continuing to produce
this tale, and at so quick a pace...I hardly have time
to experience withdrawal Laughing

Oh, and a little something for you Myst: Razz




Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 12:28 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
I was reading this again and was able to pinpoint
something that caught my attention before, but I
couldn't for the life of me remember what it was
after I'd read it through initially.

The Harbinger...the ballast of our vast realm,
maintaining the balance between good and evil.
At what point in their various campaigns do our
companions upset that balance? And when are they
doomed to fail, so that the global status quo is met?

Despite the efforts of Shinobi and Damia to train
Brimstone on the neutral path, I sense his stubborn
nature and penchant for justice playing a huge factor in
how coming segments play out. And even if he manages
to follow the rules down to the punctuation (Which I can't
begin to imagine Laughing ) I somehow foresee the companions
meeting force after equalizing force attempting to restore
the universal balance of karma.

Enough of that for now, bring on more Brimstone Wink
Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:11 am Post subject:
Kwenchi Kao wrote,
I want to be in Brimstone! Laughing

yet again Raistlin another great chapter!
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 2:41 pm 
Post subject: Brimstone
*as her heart races and her tears fall,
courage raises high in her heart as death
surrounds all she loves*

*going to next chp*
Only those who try... make mistakes
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 3:17 pm    
Post subject: Brimstone
*waves back!* Hi yaz Raist yes all is
well now been working long weird
hours, then pc crashed then one of
my horses got seriously injured just
a rough week overall but its
headed to the down side Smile

I'm also very glad you and Kitty kept
going after chp 100 Smile I look so forward
to seeing your posts, today when I saw
I was wayyyy behind I just smiled big
then settled down to reading Smile

*blows Raist a kiss and throws Kitty a
big hug her way* thx bunches yall for
some really great and fresh reading!

*thankful for talented peeps*
Only those who try... make mistakes

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 12:52 am 

Post subject:

Mystyka wrote,
Okie... I have finally got a free moment
to reread this and time to post.

Raist and Kittie -- *Stands up and
applauds* 300 chapters!!! 300 chapters
and still, without a shred of doubt,
Brimstone remains great and
expands in your loyal readers

This segment was alot to take in.
From the introduction to Zady's
character to Brimstone coming into
his powers. I can only predict Brimstone
and his companions have more trials
and tribulations to face then
ever before.

*Jumps up and down and cheers
Damia on* Woot!! Thata girl! Heh,
I wasn't shocked for a minute that
that goddess could handle her own...
mortal powers or not. The simple
reflection of the true person she is
came through and my goodness was
I pleased of the raw power she
possessed. She is a role model for
mortals and gods alike... and for
that I commend you, Raist and Kittie,
for allowing us to see our friendly
neighborhood goddess at her best.
Being a follower of Ogrimar, I also
have to give him props for
raising such a wonderful soul Wink.

I could very well sit here and pose
opinions on this particular segment,
but I don't feel my words, opinions
or even compliments could do more
justice than this segment did for itself.
I was simply astounded at the great
detail drawn to the fortress and the
grand start to more Gryphon Knights
joining the ranks.

In short, again I loved it and cannot
wait for more and more. Bravo and
good on ya friends. Smile

P.S. I still relish the fact I beat Mal,
even if I did tie him down Razz
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:08 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Hmm, freeing the minotaur prisoners and dealing
with Zadykiel's potential allies seems a bit more
difficult than it did before Shocked Brimstone and the
Companions will certainly have their hands full
coordinating this effort.

And She'd put the warriors of our
party to shame with her swordsmanship. Hopefully
the few subhuman villagers still present will have gotten
the message that good behavior is mandatory while their
lives are being saved from certain death.

Mystyka and Fawnn kept me from logging to read this,
now it's far too late to do much more thinking
Wink Thank you for the early segment, Raist and Kittie.
Chapter 300 really was something else. And also thank
you for the heads up on the post, Raist Smile
Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:06 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,

WTG Raist and Kittie
congratulations on creating such a long lived and much

loved epic. you have not failed ever to deliver quailty

story writing

Zadykiel hun neneer neneer neneer

300 chapters and going strong Ive said it before but


OOdlz Addict
2006 8:09 am
This is my first time i have read Brimstone.
I have to say Raistlin its great.

Iam really looking forward to read more.

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I love it when Damia puts the men in thier place, beside woman not in front Smile Great stopping point I have to admit, but.... I kina miss the cliff hanger lmao

*looks to the north* is that trouble brewing?
Only those who try... make mistakes
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PostPosted: TueJul25,  20068:430                                

It's time to shine baby!!! Yeah!!! hehe Razz

Can't wait for next segment, but the stick I use to poke Kittie into hurrying up seems to have mysteriously vanished..oh well

Oh and Raist you should know better then to think you will be able to sit back for a few months, these diehard fans will be wanting more before even they finish reading the next set of chapters Laughing, Can't blame ya for trying tho Wink




Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:38 pm Post subject:
Mystyka quoting the author:
We will also take a closer look at Lord Fatman.
Shinobi herself has a heart to heart talk with him
before the assembled Companions.

Anpu Sandstorm the Mythian regular in the series
finally gets to shine a bit when his Ranger skills
are put to the test on behalf of the Companions.

Brimstone remembers a gift.

A traitor is revealed among the Companions
and dealt with appropriately.

Our trio of Companions sent to warn the 15
villages encounter a shocking surprise in
village 12.

A Companion dies.

Zadykiel makes a decision that ultimately
affects the outcome of the conflict at the
fortress. Naturally that decision profits him.

We discover the true resourcefulness of
Shionobi's followers when the Minotaurs find
a passive means of resistance that has to be
seen to be appreciated.

The Companions show mercy when they can.

Ziona threatens to kill a Companion.

Fawnn, please tell me that you have no real life
experience as a spotter for directing artillery fire.

Anyway now that the next segment is completed
I can kick back and rest and play t4c for a few
months? Surely this next huge segment will satisfy
the Brimstone fans ehh? Getting tired and bored
with the all too regular posts of late? I can always
write em and stick em inna can as they say till
there is an outcry for more. LOL

Oh my, oh my, oh my...

All of these little tidbits blew me away. I'm not going
to even describe the shock my brain went into when
I invisioned what is to come. I'm truly sitting here on
pins and needles waiting for the next segment. I could
sit and touch on each thing individually, but I believe
my opinions are felt by the other Companions as well
as the avid Brimstone fans. Thank you Raist, for
giving us a small insight at what is to come.

If you need suggestions for using that stick I
can give you a few. Beat some sense into
Lord Fatman's head. He seems to have some
doubts about himself and that doubt can
cloud issues in unfolding events.

*Takes stick from whomever had it last* Fatty hun,
don't be doing none of that doubt stuff, we need you
in tip-top shape dear... so snap outta it or I'll use this
here stick Razz

It seems we're all in for a ride with this coming
segment... I really hope the Companions can hold
together and shine
as they always do.

Good on ya Raist and Kittie... your doing yourselves
and Brimstone a magnificant justice.
Thank you for it all.
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:30 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
You sure did provide us with that cliffhanger ending,

This is going to be a spectacular battle! The
success or failure of the city's defense will no
doubt be influenced by the hearts and weapons of
Blackman's defectors, as well as the poor men still
under his and Zadykiel's command. I wonder what
effect a noncohesive military force will have
on Zady's patience Wink So many factors determine
the direction of this battle, and the future of
Harvest Moon...whew!

Despite his role in the coming conflict, part of me
would like to see the cook meet some success.
Many people are discouraged to use their talents
when they may seem unorthodox, but he is
obviously quite skillful with his weapon of choice,
and grossly underappreciated by his commander...
Though Zady seems to have a penchant for
employing more unorthodox methods
during his conquest.

Raistlin and Kittie, the two of you astound me with
your abilities to continually produce work of such a
high quality. There's just so much content here, and
you've defied all odds by not yet producing a stinker
Laughing Though I don't imagine any of us expect
anything less than extraordinary out of you by now.
Keep it up Smile Maybe come visit us in game sometime,
take a break from this murderous pace, lol. Though
if you insist on producing another segment so soon,
I promise I won't complain Wink Thank you once
again for Brimstone Smile
Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:41 pm Post subject:
Zadykiel wrote,
If Zadykiel didn't like that, he would be dealt with.

This indeed made me laugh at that poor poor
ignorent man Twisted Evil

However, im not to fond of the vast loss my army
just took perhaps ill have to join in the fight against
Harvest Mon myself, i can only say to the companions
that hopefully this wont have to happen as im sure
ill try and kill you myself
Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 1:41 am Post subject:  
Fawnn wrote,
Pick me Zadykiel pick me I'll kill you for you
with great pleasure.

Hey Raist and Kittie

we got through that without lord Mal being hit on
the head I hope we can say the same after the
coming battle A commander that can see skill in
his people and knows the best way to utilize it can
be a dangeours enemy if Zadykiel brings out the
talents of the cook or worse finds more with similar
skills the companions are going to have a hard time
of this. just look how Brimstone has used the
incredible talent of Anpu to do so much damage a
few more of him wouldnt do us any harm.

so looking forward to the next segment of the tale
Raist and yes you can have a week off after that
but only a week and only if you come into game
and touch base with us all.

cheers Raist
Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 8:49 pm Post subject:
Shalmain writes a specific critic. A nice job there.
I haven't read all of it yet, and will add more later,
Raist your evil for doing this to me lol
I hate cliffhangers lol... *goes back to reading down*
He saw the enraged monster's clawed hands
reaching for his face from just inches away.

Rofl ty for saying "mum" instead of mom.
"My Mum used to say that as well, Damia." he
replied with a laconic grin, then he asked, "Will
you be teleporting me there?"

*reads more*
Uhm Raist Razz Shalmain's role is fine Razz
Now he felt slightly guilty for thinking the
rest were getting the good jobs while he
got the menial tasks.

I think Tarns going insane? lol Must be the sea air
Tarn savagely tried to bite that finger, but the
Captain snatched his hand back out of the way
in time.

Good job, really like this paragraph
Mystyka fought down the tears and stared
at Damia thoughtfully. When she spoke it
was with conviction, "No thank you, Damia.
When I see him thusly, I get hints about things
that might aide in his rescue." Shaking
her head she added, "It is just disquieting to me.
I would not have those dreams removed."

You have a profound amount of knowledge about
such things, pard
"When I see a vision, it is like that. I see, smell,
hear and taste them. As a girl Mother taught me
how to block out certain visions, for they were
leaving me bedridden. I was emotionally crippled
by them."

I love your sense of humor Raist
Damia produced a fan and fanned herself. "Is it
unseemly hot to you girls?"

This quote is so sweet, I imagined it in my mind as if
she appeared in a puff of smoke next to the man,
it was quite nice Smile
She disappeared to reappear beside Brimstone,
gave him a tender kiss and disappeared
once more.

Hell hath no fury, like a Mystyka scorned!
She saw him beside a sailor now. They were near
the mast. She headed in their direction. As she
walked she heard the victorious cries of the men
from the Gryphon who had boarded the ship. As
she walked the last few feet she drew her
twisted dagger. She had every intention of
cutting this man's throat.

This entire "rescue" chapter I must quote,
Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword


Excellent in it's entirety Raist, wonderful story line,
I should have been in bed hours ago, rofl.
Thank you muchly

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:00 pm 

Post subject:

Fawnn wrote,
OMG poor Mystyka I was crying and feeling
your pain that must have been the hardest
tale for you to read so far. Even trusting Raist
to make it right didnt stop the pain of reading
Myst's dreams which would have been as mentaly
painfull as the whips that Tarn
was getting.

Shal stay right where you are I'm not sure if that
silver armor you picked up is for torlags or humans
but either way we are gonna need it so dont think
to squirrel it away.

Fawnn says
Shal is a show off with those quotey thingys

Damia I've said it before but you rock girl!!!!!!!!!

And you Zadykiel you might think you'll have it all your
own way but my TU is pretty good and so is the other
light mages in the group and your walking dead can be
consumed by flame so our fire mages will have a field
day with them.
but I am a bit concerned by the re animation of Tarns
crew they could be used to set a trap we will have to
be vigilant.

Raist and Kittie you have again outdone your selves
this set of chapters had me crying, laughing and
running to whole gamet of emotions and was
totatly breathless
by the end Thank you.

OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:08 pm 
Post subject:
Awesome segment Raist.

I know I always say this but keep it
up bro, I enjoy reading Brimstone
as much as I enjoyed
reading Eragon and Eldest.

Just started reading Harry Potter
(on book 4 now) Great books,
but I still look forward to reading

Ever read a book series that you
dont want to end?

well I suppose I dont have to worry
about Brimstone ending any time soon
because I'm not the only fan! lol
and plus Brimstone is the sort of story
that could go on for ages, if written right.
But I full well know you have
the capability to do that unless you get
bored of doing it Razz

Hopefully, if EA ever dis-continues hosting
our servers, we can set up a page
specifically for Brimstone where
you can post your stories etc. . . .
Author's note: This site does this.

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:17 pm Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Hey Xconx I've just finished Eragon and am half
way through Eldest what great stories I will be looking
forward to his next book hard to believe the author is
so young his writting is very mature. You will enjoy the
next Harry Potter books they also get "darker'. If you
havnt already try John Marcos's set of three I've just
discovered him and also enjoyed his books.

but for all that these authors are great the Brimstone
seriers still rates the highest as they touch a personal
note qudos to Raist and Kittie.
Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:39 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
I suppose having to come in out of the rain and miss
the fireworks wasn't such a bad thing afterall Very Happy

Zady has sure found a way to make things difficult for
the Companions, and I greatly anticipate his forces
being unveiled. These guys never get a break,
do they? Laughing At least they're well fed!

It was good to witness the demise of that damned
captain. Fitting. And I'm pleased that Tarn was
returned to Mystyka in one peice, I couldn't
imagine Mystyka, much less the Companions,
getting past a loss so great.

But wow, necromancy...I can't even comprehend
the powers you've given Zady. As devestating as
his wrath will prove to be, I'm very eager to see
what his new magic is capable of. Beyond mindless
zombies with a thirst for blood, but stronger,
deadlier versions of the mortal beings they
once were.

I look forward to the next installment, Raist. And
many thanks to you and Kittie for continuing to
bless us with this tale.
Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 1:20 am Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*Wipes remaining tears away*


Raist, thank you got the heads up when this
was posted. I have just finished reading, and
do not think I have the words to reply just yet.
So I will sleep on it, read it again tomorrow and
leave my typical "long-winded" reply.

I will say Thank you, friend. Good on ya Wink *as usual,
I knew you couldn't and wouldn't disappoint*
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 2:24 am    
Post subject:
If he found it frightening he hid it
well, for most of the flight he spent
laughing and apparently having a
grand time of it. When they landed
moments later, all three of the
Gargoyles were scowling at him in


LOL i can so see myself doing that
im one of those people who are
afraid of hights but will ride the
largest roller coaster just for
the rush Razz

going well so far im rather pleased
everytime i think i cant get that much
more bad you just seem to surprise
me further it really is a great joy to
see my character be put to such a
GOOD use Twisted Evil
Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 1:55 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*Laughs histarically* All this jazz about the
"kerchief" through me off for a couple days.
You guys are too funny.

Alrighty... now to my long-winded post lol

I am anything but disappointed in this segment.
It gave many a new light to the characters and
the storyline ahead. So many emotions hit me like
a whirlwind, such as in the last segment. To be
honest, I was actually speechless. Shal, good on
ya for your first post. It brought a well needed
and truthful light to many of the greatnesses in
which Raist portrayed in this segment. The most
intriguing to my character was :
Mystyka boarded the ship then. Captain Barnes
saw her as she boarded the enemy ship alone
and started to challenge that, but she did not
remain alone. Fawnn and Ziona leapt aboard,
followed immediately by Lady Sparks and
Lady Ruatha. As one, the three mages and
the archer moved in Mystyka's wake. They
shot, with arrow or manaburst, any man
who attempted to harm Mystyka who seemed
oblivious to anything going on around her,
with the single exception of the man who
had beaten Tarn.
My own feelings towards this ended quite differently
than I see Raist allowed it to go. Seeing as how I
would have slit the mans throat faster than anyone
could blink. I don't feel that to be murder. In a
case such as this it would have been self-defence
for the person I care about... and well, a bit of
vengence. I was also overjoyed to see the gals join
her in her mission... always good to have your
friends get your back. I was also quite pleased with
the decision to allow Mystyka to keep her dreams.
She might have a bit of Z and Fawnn in her yet !
Raist, as you have grown to know me, you know
how I get when those close to me are hurt. And
Shal said it right lol, Hell hath no fury, like a Mystyka
scorned! But regardless to all of that... you opened
a box that I need to fill now, heh. *But I'll touch
on that at the end Wink*

The magnificant cruelty and unbelievable evil that
Zady's character has spun is mind blowing. I mean,
on a storyline basis, the Companions have never
experienced such a foe... nor do I think they are
aware of the tremendous journey they are about
to embark. It's hard for me to see what's coming
Raist, and that makes the future segments even
more delightful. One thing I have to cement is that
since many of the Companions have joined Brimstone,
they have trained themselves and their skills based on
class 10 fold. Even with the upcoming threat, I do
believe many have the skills needed in the heat of the
battle. That is when they figure out what they are up
against. As usual, Fawnn and Mal spoke words too
true -- so many emotions lay against what is coming....
I am intrigued and truly excited to see many of the
new segments.

Shalmain's character has also added a somewhat
needed sideline. It is interesting to see a character
not directly linked to the Companions, yet on their
same mission. I am also very happy to see he has
not been harmed in the way of not having the
Companions there to assist. He is doing well and
giving so much insight.

Hmm.. now lessee...
I may be slightly off my rocker but geezus did I laugh
at Mystyka's interactions with the Harbor Master.
That character brings a new light to my own in the
story and Raist, you really made that part enjoyable
on so many levels. I'm glad my haggling skills didn't
deminish with the prior events... I would have
missed the silly ol' man Wink

Now unfortunately my late posting causes a tamper
in my usual opinions about the segment, as many of
the other readers have covered everything. I am not
sadened by this at all, as it seems everything said I
agree with whole-heartedly.

To end my blah blah blahing off... I'll touch on the
parts you left for me Raist. LOL And need I mention...
your a bugger Razz Wedding dress.... ack! I've never
even had a thought to this in real life, little own a
story I enjoy so much. Umm, uhh... *perplexed*
I don't assume anyone sees me as the "traditional"
type gal, nor do I see myself conforming to the
norm lol. But needless to say I don't have those
assumptions of Tarn either. I think I will need to
consult my dear friends... and possibly see what
Damia comes up with? Heh, am I getting out of
this desicion?? I'll give you a couple hints however...
baby blue is one of my calmest colors. As well as the
rare blue rose has to be one of my favorites. The
only other 3 things I can think of is... I am a light
mage as well as evil. My tastes do tend to lean
towards that... Oh, and I'd surely hope we give
Tarn a say... he is a mercenary after-all.
I would want to include his traditions.

Anywho and whats-its and so-ons...
I will finish this in my usual way...
Raist and Kittie, you two are fabulous and I'm sure
we don't tell you enough how great the Brimstone
story is, nor do we touch on your magnificant ability
to bring this to life for us all. Thank you so much and
Good on ya !!!! *I was glad to see that you, Raist,
have already commited yourself to furthering the
story... I simply could not imagine coming to the
forums and not getting the pleasure of Brimstone*

Forever and always,
*Lady of Rage* Wink
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 2:38 pm    
Post subject: Brimstone
*wipes away at the seemingly never
ending flow of tears with her kerchief*
Damn Raist took me a bit to catch up!
*still wiping a few stray tears from her
cheeks* Everyone seems to have covered
everything quite well!

Shal gotta used to those cliffhangers
tho. lol Raist excels in that area! lol
This episode I would consider totaly
evil and dark. lol Seems all I have come
to mind is DAMN.......
Excellant work as usual Raist and Kittie Smile

I read the chapters you posted before
this one, excellant groundwork settiing
this up. Seems things are about to get
nasty, well nastier if that is
at all possiable... can hardly wait to see
the next post of chapters. Smile

*hollers for Nessa* "let's go shopping
for some new quivers I think we may
need them"
Only those who try... make mistakes
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 8:53 pm 

Post subject:

Excellent stuff Rast. Sorry i havnt been
keeping up with the brimstone series of
late my friend.

Im only 2 months behind now

I think you actually write faster than
i can read lol
Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:35 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Wow it had it all, love, humor,action,trechery,
happiness, drama and an all consuming incentive
to blood lust.............Zadykiels blood that is!!!!!!

Raist you have created a truly hatefull
personifaction I have never gotten so angry
reading before... WTG!

Myst that dress was amazing and you were
georgous even when giving that tiresome
little man his comeuppence lol.

Ok gang lets get our act together on this Myst
Tarn and Lady Ru must be protected and we
have to settle Zadykiel's tripes for him.

Raist and Kittie you just get better and better
please dont ever stop.
Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 10:01 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
As always, powerful segment. A beautiful wedding
ceremony followed by a fierce battle, with a few
twists in between.

Honestly, I expected more from Zadykiel, even for
a test run. At least next time he'll consider using far
greater numbers. If it weren't for the extraordinary will
of Tarn, Zady may have come away from this battle with
a smile...I, for one, am glad Tarn's strong resolve kept him
from destroying his new bride, and that his torlag ally kept
him from his own demise. That oughtta keep a bit of Zady's
pride in check.

The revelation that one of these dead mercenaries was
Tarn's father was gripping. There were so many avenues
you could have explored with that one, and you did a
marvelous job with it. I was aghast when you threw that
one in there. Great work!

I can only imagine the air of anxiety present at that wedding.
Reminds me of my own, folks just waiting for something to
go wrong Razz

Can't wait to see where Zadykiel and his allies go from here,
and how our companion's will prepare. Excellent work,
keep it coming Smile

By the way, was a pleasure watching Damia get her hands
dirty...kind of work any warrior could admire Wink
Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 8:36 pm Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
This segment was wonderful. The wedding was beautiful
for all that there was a threat to it. I was able to picture
the scene well, anticipation, love, nervousness,worry and
fear, all came across easily.

The battle was intense, but congrats to the Companions
for their alertness in picking up how to defeat Zadykiel's minions.

I really don't know what to say about these chapters,
except that again, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Your's and Kittie's writing is, as usual, exellent!.
Lady Ru
Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:35 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*Late to my own wedding... you expect less of me? Wink LoL*

Alrighty, where do I begin...

Many times before I have expressed my fondness of
emotion this tale brings. On this note I will also add
one of my own... glee. Is that an emotion worthy of
the Brimstone tales? Probably not. But... having all
faith in the gods (Raist and Kittie that is) to allow
Myst and Tarn a safe wedding was not disappointed.
However, the glee in fact came with the somber note
of black and calm for a wedding scene, surrounded by
friends and allies. Dressed to the hilt and ready for
combat was a nice touch btw. Magnificently
portrayed... well done!

Zady, Zady, Zady....

Raist, I am truly loving the illustrations given to our
new foe. I am certainly with Fawnn and Mal with the
slight awe we have encountered with this one. I do
have to say however... he's making me quite angry.
And as Shal, oh so delicately put it, "A Mystyka scorned..."
This was my/her wedding day and I'm not sure I wish
to be the preserver any longer. I feel a longing to hurt
someone, and by all the evil in me (my next
paragraph will get into that) I swear Raist... you must let me
get my hands dirty!!! LoL Other than that though, I am overly
enjoying this new character and new breed of evil for the
Companions. Zady has his work cut out for him and I bear no
mind in saying this might turn to be a challenge for one side.

Hmm.. favorite section anyone??

"He is my husband, Ogrimar. Please help him for
my sake."

"Mystyka you are favored of my followers. I will
do as you ask. But there will be a price at some
point in time that I will demand of you. Is this

Mystyka knew well that the god of evil meant
what he was saying. At some point in time there
would be a price for this favor. Probably a heavy
price. With no regrets she said, "It is acceptable,
my Liege." for she would pay any price
for the return of her husband.

I was thrilled to see this little sentiment involved in
the story. For reasons that may be confusing, I
completely agree with this. I feel if the choice were
similar in rl I would have made it exactly as depicted.
This also means I may in fact get another chance to
have a significance within the Brimstone story, or at
least my character. But on a solemn note... I play an
evil character for a couple reasons. The heightened
of which would be I couldn't pull off being "good"
if I tried lol. Be that as it may, this chain of events
was usual yet unique. I sincerely enjoy when you
interact the hierarchy of the gods together... there
is always so much wit and enthusiasm between them.

To brief on other comments...

I agree with Fawnn... we seem to have a great battle
approaching. Seeing as how we have only seen slight
onslaughts of Zadykiel's intentions.

I too was thrown by Tarn's Father's situation... even
though I had a thought of something like this from our
discussions Raist. I was however almost mortified at
the Father's demise. Even though it was necessary on
so many levels, I was saddened for Tarn. A loss
so great is hard to overcome.

As for the pictures that I'm sure so many brought to
their own minds, I too envisioned many of the comings
of this tale as I read... as I have done so many times in
the past. But I will add... that a good writer has the
ability to give the readers their own versions... and I can
for surely say the Brimstone series has that appeal.
Even though I would relish at the thought of a good artist
putting in some time to give us some interpretations Wink

In closing...

Raist.. Kittie.. again, a job GREATLY well done. Truthfully
I read it twice before posting in hopes I would guarantee
not to miss a single beat. I also had the pleasure of
envisioning my own wedding dress... which I have never
really done. Fantastic !! I am so thrilled this tale keeps
drawing us in and seemingly continues to get better.
I thank the both of you again and again for providing
this gift and
sharing your great skills. Good on ya friends!!

P.S. Raist, to answer your quiet question...
Yes! I certainly would!!! Wink
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends




Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:40 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Til I got to the very end of Myst's post I thought I
was reading another segment Wink Boy am I glad I
beat you to the boards Razz
Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:47 pm Post subject:
Shalmain wrote,
Just... wow, that segment was utter excellence,
sixty death mage's thumbs up Wink
Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:45 am Post subject:
Zadykiel wrote,
My, my, my....

I really cant say that im not a little displeased by
the defeat of my small army.... yet it is just a minor
setback theres plenty of villages plenty of pathetic
humans and creatures to submit to my plans rather
easily, enjoy your wedding night mystyka it was a
lovely ceremony before i decided to crash the party
so to speak you would make such a lovely follower
to my cause Twisted Evil

That Lady Ruatha is a great thorn in my side she must
be dealt with quickly and mercilessly or perhaps just a
drawn out and painful death how i do so love those Twisted Evil

Thank you Raist and Kittie although you portrayed a
rather minor setback it was a lovely segment i do so
enjoyed it however i do have a chest full of rings and
perhaps a few more tricks up my sleeves Twisted Evil
Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:54 am Post subject:
Shalmain wrote,
For the sake of the Gods, and for the sake of
neutrality, Zadykiel needs to be put a stop to,
or at least entombed in the darkstone, hahahaha.
I know the companions can do it, I have faith in
their capabilites!
OOdlz Power User

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  PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 10:54 pm    
  Post subject:
  The atmosphere of the Paradise Cove
  tavern was jubilant and contagious even
  though hovering on the border of
  everyones thoughts was the events that
  transpired during the wedding and the
  consequences that lay around the corner
  for them all.

  For the handful of companions around
  the table though it was a time for
  celebration for not only the defeat of the
  Zadykiel's minions but for the
  wedding also

  Seated around the table were Brimstone
  and Damia, Ziona, John and Nessarose,
  Lord Malachi, Lord Fatman, Veksar and
  Fawnn and Lady Ruatha

  Veksar stood up and was about to
  announce a toast when the door opens ....

  Damia unbeknown to all smiles and
  nods with a knowing look in her eyes

  Through the door strides Yane and
  a companion

  Room was made for the two
  and introductions were made.

  "My companions" Yane says
  "i would like you to meet a friend of
  mine from far away."
  "He is a writer, scholar, soothsayer
  and story teller from way back."

  "May i introduce to you all........
  Raistlin Justice"

  Veksar raises his goblet and says
  "A toast to Raislin justice ... may
  his stories be told down through
  the ages and never be forgotten"
Author's Note: This was a touching
tribute from Veksar. One that was
much appreciated by this writer.

Dracconis Black Dragon
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:30 am 
Post subject:
Here Here!!!! Three cheers for Raistlin!
Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:19 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
As I feel bad about not finding the time to reply to
the last segment, I'm limited for this one as well.

A chain of magnificant events occurred in this
segment, and for that my tears have just stopped.

Raist and Kittie, the magnatude brought to the
Knights was a great one. I find that I don't have
the words to describe what I felt, other than
what I'm sure others felt as well.

When I get back home this weekend I'll edit this
to truly express how I feel. But regardless of that...

**P.S. I shoulda beat Mal upside the head with
that staff before giving it to him.... butthead goes
and gets his bloody arm chopped off.. Oye.**
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 3:03 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi quotes Kittie.
Kittie Justice wrote:
lol myst, at least he didnt lose his head!!
i think that woulda been a bit tough to stick
back on.

I dunno, Kittie, I'm not so sure it was screwed on
correctly to begin with Laughing

As always, you did not disappoint. This was a
remarkable conclusion to "Book 5" and a great
ending (maybe Razz) to the Zadykiel saga. And while
a formidable contigent of his followers remain, it
is relieving to know that Dalghard himself is finally
vanquished, and that perhaps Sic Dalar is one step
closer to peace.

Damia's really got herself quite the army in her
Gryphon Knights. They proved their mettle and
their loyalty in battle against Zady's forces. Despite
the conflict of interest within the newer Gryphon
recruits, their sense of duty toward their brethren
and those they mean to protect won out. It brought
a smile to my face, witnessing the most pure of bonds
a soldier feels to their fellow brothers and sisters in
arms. And with leaders like Eric, Marc, and Aspen,
these Knights will be a force to be reckoned with for
quite some time.

By the way, someone should really talk some sense
into me before I run off and do these things. Curse
a warrior's pride Wink

Raist and Kittie...Thank you both for the amazing
work you've done since the beginning of this tale,
and especially the strenuous pace you've kept this
last month or so. You've definately gotten us spoiled,
lol, though I'm sure these last few segments should
keep us happy while you take a well deserved break
from your creation. Hope to see you folks in game
Smile and thanks again!
Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 7:46 pm Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Well Brimstone you finaly got intouch with
your femine side (lets face it no mere male was
going to manipulate another that easily) lol
I'm sure it was Damia inspired.

Mala you really are going to have to stop that I'm
sorry but my heart just cant keep taking these things
you do to yourself Nessa please take him in hand.

Wtg Skan and lady Sparks again the ladies
show their mettle.

Well done companions Brimstone has bought
together a talented bunch and turned them into a
cohesive effective fighting force and judging from
the ending our job isnt finished yet Zadykiel still has
a dozen or so of those rings.

Nice little suprise from the cook didnt see that coming
but typical of Myst to do what she did she always was
one to to come to the aid of others to right a wrong.

These stories still evoke such strong emotions from the
battle sceens to the empathy of Nessa and the Torlags
they cover such a wide spectrum I have run out of
superlatives to show the greatness of this writing duo
so will just say a simple WTG you did it again.

and of course keep doing it lol
Author's note: Fawnn's observation
about Kittie AKA Kathleen's infuence
is dead on right. Her contributions to
this project have been nothing less than
essential. Her contributions to the
feminine side of issues has helped insure
that the series remains of interest to
both genders and reflects and represents 
both perspectives.
Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 11:05 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi quotes the author.
Raistlin wrote:
Lord Malachi, I want to thank you for agreeing
to have your character portrayed suffering the
loss of an arm. For the good of the tale you
agreed to that without the knowledge that it
would be restored.

I trust you completely with the use of Malachi in
your tale. I did not expect to be getting that arm
back, lol, that's was quite a surprise. Now I might
be a slightly less adamant about being headless
Laughing bit I'd gladly suck it up for the sake of the story's
integrity. *Rubs arm* This tingling sensation
is normal? Razz
Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:14 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*deep breaths.... deep breaths* That is what I had
to tell myself the minute I realized how real this was
for me (And for Ru, once she gets a chance).

I'm not sure what you had outlined prior to our
discussion, Raist, but WOW. I actually have
goosebumps and slight shivers.

Raist and Kittie.... what a beautiful masterpiece you
have layed out. The scenes are so vivid and the land
so fascinating. Once again, you have outdone
yourselves and added another brilliant segment to
the story.

*pats wings* Thank goddess for Shinobi! I would
have missed these babies.

You know, I had worked myself up to a simple
understanding of what you were going to do with this
segment... but as my imagination is far from being
remotely close to either of yours, I could not have
thought any of this the way it played out. BRAVO!
There are the few things I just want to touch on...
- I can't wait to see Zady's demeanor now that the
Harbinger has entered our realm.
- Brimstone... a tree?! Hmm...
- Giant ants?! Ick!!! Razz
- I'm really enjoying the race on Shafferland. Much
less conflicting from the other situations the
Companions have been placed in.
- Poor Ru.. Sad
- The two smaller parties have a rough time ahead
of them... I hope everyone keeps their wits
about them.
- And WHOA!! The slideshow is soooo fitting!!
Good on everyone!

Last but not least... Skan, another HUGE well done for
the great ava's you have put together.
And Raist and Kittie... GOOD ON YA!!

P.S. I almost died laughing at this... Razz

Tarn smiled as Mystyka glared at Malachi.
He knew they didn't really mean their little
jibes and were actually fond of each other.

~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 8:00 pm Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
*Tries to fight off the chills this segment has left me
with* OMG, I truly have no words to describe how
this segment affected me.

Well done, Raist and Kittie.
Lady Ru
Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 9:11 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Myst did a great job with her reply, so thankfully
that saves me from being too longwinded Wink

The one thing that caught me immediately and still
has me wondering is the actions, or even deliberate
inactions, of the gods. Did they know that the
Harbinger was coming? And if not, surely they knew
what was going on once he did arrive. Afterall, one
of his victims is the son of a god and husband of
another. I can only begin to imagine the thoughts in
Damia's head.

Also, I find the Harbinger's choice of adventurers
to be an interesting one. Every member in this group
has a strong individual bond with at least one of the
imprisoned members, and Mystyka and Tarn, while
both spared, are forced to separate. I sense a
struggle within Mystyka's party due to the nature of
that which they seek, and the emotions engulfing
Fawnn's party are sure to cause their share of mental
lapses. Fawnn without her husband, Ziona without her
husband and daughter, and Tarn separated from his
wife. They're leaving a lot behind them on this
mission, and are sure to let their thoughts drift back
to them at some point.

Something else I just can't get over is how brilliant
this plot is. Raist, you've always done a magnificent
job creating interesting and fresh stories for us, but
this is simply a masterpiece of a creation. It seems
to me that Brimstone just gets better and better
as you continue to mold it and its characters, and
attempt to portray the story as best you can with
just the words at your disposal.

Raist and Kittie, thank you both for once again
putting so much time into this story.

Yeah, that was still longwinded
Wink And Raist *hands you a vase* Cheers!
Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:55 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Heh.. Mal says I say things well... he outdid me by far.

I COMPLETELY agree with Mal's assessment of this
tale... and truthfully, I'm sitting on the edge of my
chair due to the suspence you have left us in Raist Razz

Thank you again... Wink

P.S. It's alright Ru.. it is alot to take in Smile
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
OOdlz Grandmaster

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 3:07 am 

Post subject:

As soon as i read the part about the
bones of dragons my mind
immediately went to zadykiel and
his remaining rings Wink

Another great segment raist, they
just keep getting better,
its like an addiction Cool,

I'm glad Kittie got away last night
before i had to pull the
poking stick out again lol
Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 4:37 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
I am again left speachless (many would claim
that cant be done) not having spoken to you
for a while Raist I had noeyedeer where the
story would go this time. I was happily enjoying
the vision I had of this new land and its inhabitants
then WHAM we get the over impresed with himself
Harbinger who high handly bespell our friends
and serperates us.

This has left me a little unsure of myself I know
that the companions with me are the best I mean
I have Ziona and Tarn I couldnt wish for better but
the choices appear to be up to me and I can only
hope that I live up to the challenge with the lives
of Veksar, Raist and the others in the balance
bacause if nothing else I dont want to have to
explain to Damia that I let her husband, my
husband and friends down.

Raist and Kittie you have reached a new height
in my reading expreience never before have I
been so impressed with new enviroments and been
made to feel so integral to a life changing event.
however this does explain the slide of a dejected
Tarn, I can only hope his dejection comes from
the seperation with his beloved and not thru a
delima in our part of the quest.

Thank you Raist and Kittie thank you really thats all
thats left to say after Mala and Myst's eloquent relies .
Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 8:30 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi quotes the author.
Raistlin wrote:
But Mystyka is dreaming them. Hmm, how you
judge that sorta competition?

She'd win, hands down. I may do a bit of
daydreaming...but Myst and Ru have a gift
I'd never understand. Guess I don't have to
understand something to appreciate it!

And about the ants...can I take one home??
Kidding Wink Though they'd be so much more
useful than a packmule or horse.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:16 am    Post subject:   
well i have just started reading the series and i am beginning to enjoy it very much. you did excellent work. i hope to see more of it in the future.
there is a sweetness to life as witnessed by my many names.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 2:47 am    Post subject: Writers of Time & Legend   
I dare say it, that thou hast surely been included in the ranks of the greats. I would also like to say to those that are fans...Has anyone seen the movie "The Neverending Story"? If so, you can't help but feel the same way the kid did when reading these stories as he did reading the book and wanting to cheer, scream, welcome, and protest all the works and deeds of those in the stories. This is how I feel when reading "Brimstone". And if I dare say it, You have, in my mind, joined the ranks of one of the best writers of my time. All of which who read this will know Raistlin has joined J.R.R. Tolkien in the Writers of Time and least for me and I have only read to the 19th chapter as of this posting. Dracconis-EoC Black Dragon




Lord Malachi
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 11:14 am    Post subject:   

It is US the readers that put this vicious(in a good context) circle in motion for a series such as this. You write something...we like it...we give you write better...we like it more...we give you bigger write even better...we like it even more...we give you even more praise....etc etc...So deal with the fact that in our minds as readers you are amongst the greats
PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 8:20 am    Post subject:   
He is a talented author, isnt he?? Hopefully he does ultimately get published and more people will be lucky enough to experience his work.
Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 11:08 am Post subject:
Zadykiel wrote,
Dragons you say? My my i always wanted one or
two, such lovely creatures if i do say so myself full
of power, force, beauty, and grace. In mythology
the dragon has been known to hold magical powers
for good and evil. I wonder how that could possibly
play into the role..... hmmmm
Needs to get a life!
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 1:01 pm 

  Post subject:

Anonymous wrote:
i dont know what to say but its very
good story Smile))))))))))))

lol i hope we wont be stay tree
forever Sad

lol was me but i forgot logging myself

in forum lmao
born with one white wing and

one black wing


Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 12:53 am 

Post subject:

Death-Angel wrote,


a tree hahhaha cool as long asno
one has to go on me
Death-Angel -FoD- Founder 7x


Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:53 am 
Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Although my opinion may be slightly
biased Laughing the ending was extraordinary.
And hopefully Fatman never finds cause
to doubt himself again; none of the
companions do. Soon as I figure out
what transpired, I imagine I'll be treating
a certain paladin to a few drinks.

Your use of Mersha as the unwitting
spy was marvelous. I saw her abuse
by Zadykiel coming into play at some
point, but never in that manner. Will
be nice when the Torlags can finally
expunge these remaining effects of
Zady's control over her.

It was quite something to see the
abilities of Anpu is greater detail.
We've got quite an experienced and
capable scout in our party, and I'm
sure his talents will be of great use
in the future as well.

The guile exhibited by the Minotaurs
in sabotaging the wall they were forced
to build made me grin. Such a grim life
to lead, yet still finding a way to fight
back and to keep their composure
while doing so.

Time to get back to work, hehe...
so that's all for now. Thank you
Raist and Kittie, as always, for
continuing to produce this epic tale.

By the Nessa cute? Wink lol

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:18 pm 

Post subject:

Fawnn wrote,
quotey thingy from Lord Mal

By the Nessa cute? Wink lol

forsooth my goodman how could you
doubt it ... look to the parents they say
always check out the mother!!!!!!!!

This was another that had many emotions,
like Mal I laughed at the sabatage of the
wall dismay that mersha had again been
violated and relief at her eminent repeive.
And pleasure that I could put to use a
latent talent ( mind you as an archer I
would have told them that lifting
their bows above 45deg would not
achieve the desired results) to use.

Raist and Kittie you have created some
truley hateable and loveable personalities
but got to say Shinobi is starting to rival
Damia but then to quote myself look to
the mother and we will see why we love
the daughter.

WTG again I am not enough of a
word smith to find the adjectives needed
to express the continuing pleasure of
reading these stories. so I'll try some
aussie ones 'bonza mate' 'goodonya'
' you little ripper' and
'beauty what a bottler' lol
Lord fatman can translate.

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:27 am 

Post subject:

Lord Malachi responds to the author,
Raistlin wrote:
Maybe I bit off more than I could chew.

Well, you can't aspire towards greatness
if you don't first create the opportunity.
You've repeatedly laid the foundations
for something spectacular, and if you've
ever fallen short of it, it's been too close
to call. Keep it up, sir Razz


Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:24 am 

Post subject:

Poseidon™ wrote,

Long chapters this time lol
I have still got a few more to read to
catch upto everyone so i dont know
all the story Sad

Damia met with the volunteers in
Stoneheim tavern. Cyric the warrior
was there with his Vampire axe. Cyris,
the twin of Cyric, was there as well.
Cyris was a mage who specialized
in dark and fire spells. Asmodee the
dark mage was there as well. His
drain spells and fire spells were
potent. Kwenchi Kao was an extremely
powerful mage who specialized in the
element of water. Flood was his
preferred attack spell. Silver Fang
was a strong mage who specialized
in earth spells. Being recently
seraphed himself, Silver Fang's earth
spells were not yet complete
again, but the spells he did posses
were quite strong.

I like how yours using char's that are in
the game. Using them how they are
ingame with spells and so on.

I loved the big fight at the end Very Happy

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 5:56 pm 

Post subject:

Zadykiel wrote,
i like these chapters... even though
theres not much of me lol Wink but it
more then makes up for that with
the battle scenes once again you
two have done such a wonderful
job and welcome to the new guys
hopefully you dont slip up and allow
me to kill you off Twisted Evil

hmmm hopefully i can get some
new minions from that horrible
slaughter at the fortress Wink

I decided to make a new avatar
for my account since the one that
Fawnn and Veksar made for me is a tad
bit on the goodie side though i
absolutely love the one they made and
have used it ever since i think the one i
made coincides better with the brimstone
series and how im portrayed in the book
so i wish to thank you both fawnn and
veksar for making such a wonderful
avatar for me and i still have it saved
so dont worry Smile


Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:24 pm 

Post subject:

Mystyka wrote,
*Fashionably late.... as usual*

Raist, Kittie... I simply marveled and the
grand detail shown in these lengthy
chapters. As my faith in you never
waivers in the means of talent
or details, I was greatly impressed
on the variety given to many aspects.
The Mino's sabataging the wall as the
build, poor Mersha being used so brutally,
Anpu's quick-wit and keen eye, Fatty's
reluctance, the always impressive manner
of the Companions in battle,
and our ever loving couple -
Brimstone and Damia.

Now.. I will agree with Fawnn.. emotions
were again a large factor into this segment.
The enslavement of the Mino's was dreadful,
Zady's horrible effection of evil, Fatty's battle
with himself was unique, Mersha's pain of
realization she was a pawn against her
friends, and the *gag* possible demise of
Mal... along with outlining Fawnn and my
goddaughter's affections.

I am so glad you found your niche with this
one Raist, it turned out spectacularily. And
of course, Kittie's touch is appreciated. I
cannot wait for the showdown and the
coming twists and turns. Also nice to see
some new faces join ranks Smile Good on ya
friends, as always its a pleasure to read.

P.S. Raist.. lol where's my hubby been? Razz
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends




Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 9:06 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi quotes a line from a segment.
“Alright I’ll tell you both what has been
bothering me.” He grinned and continued

That Razz coupled with Myst's odd behavior a few
paragraphs later provide some clues. Though I'm
beginning to think they're placed the way they are
with the intention of misleading us Wink

But back to the meat of this segment. From the
hardships Fawnn's group is having to endure, the
perils of the mountain paths meeting Mystyka's
party, and the mysterious druidess who seems so
interested in the well-being of the companions on
their way to meet her, Ru's plight is still paramount
in my mind a day later.

What she is going through is something that one can
only read, and never really know. We've known
physical hunger, we've felt the cold, our bodies
have been weak and ravaged at some point in
our lives. But the torment of the Lady Ruatha,
while horrendous, is captivating. Unknown
to the travellers who admire her, and even the
adventurers who bid her another farewell in passing,
this woman's control over her most animalistic of
desires could make or break our world. You did a
great thing with that, Raist.

On another note, these dragons are going to be fun...
but Zadykiel has one ring left?

And, so I'm certain to be qualified as rambling, the
interchange with the gods was good clarification as
to their role in this matter.

Thank you for the segment, and for putting double
the time into it. I look forward to more Smile
Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 9:01 pm Post subject:
Fawnn the Companion wrote,
OMG Myst Myst Myst no beating around the
bush with hints!!!!! if I'm not the god-Mother
you are so in for it.

But Raist that has put an awfull strain on this quest
not only are we looking to save our lives and those
of the companions but there is new life yet to know
the pleasures of this world- you have put another
life in our hands can we do this? I trust in the skill
and strength of Myst and her group and Myst now
has more reason to succeed. But do I really have the
wisdom to make the right choices here so many issues
now cloud where balance lies new life/old life, need
to survive/over not wanting to kill, needs of
many/over needs of one the only thing that aids me
is my complete faith in my companions, Ziona is also
a mother and Tarn has many gifts. Ru's battle will be
the hardest as she faces it alone she does not have
other companions to advise, comfort or support
her it is not a test of skill and knowledge but a test
of the heart and soul which surely is the greatest test
to all of us in life

Raist I dont know how you and Kittie do this I
wouldnt be able to detach myself from the ideas
of one theme to even consider the ongoing crossing
themes that you both thread through your stories.
I am as always in awe of the minds that give us
these tales please never stop.
Author's note: When I see comments
like this one it makes the writting
worthwhile even if I never see a single
word of mine in printed book form.
I made her statement bold and slightly
larger than the original text to emphasize
the comment I am referring to.
Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 5:50 am Post subject:
Shalmain wrote,
I'm all cought up Very Happy go meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
and geez, go Raist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author's note: This is probably one
of the most moving responses I ever
read to a segment.
Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:56 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Ok, time to make my mark on this segment, lol. I'll
warn you all though, this post is quite lengthy.

I'm still grasping at the situations of all the

Raist, so many things were brought to life with this
segment... from the simple clues to the misleadings.
I don't think I can justify anything by my words,
but I'll give you my interpretations.

I was truly blown away to see the agony that has
been placed upon Ru. What a horrific way to be
for such a captivating character. She is in a situation
that should emphasize her personal character even
more. To be driven by such an urge that is completely
opposite from who she truly is. I feel for her as well
as pray to Ogrimar that she will come out of this true
and be able to hold back the need to give into the

I was also quite captivated by the manner in which
you portrayed the other Companions in their "tree"
form. I was convinced they were indeed speaking
with one another, the same as I believe every living
thing has the ability to do in one form or another. I
do not envy the Companions situation... or do I?
As it seems the two parted groups have alot
to endure.

That being said, I would not feel right if I didn't
stress my admiration of Fawnn and her companions.
Tarn is showing himself to be the man we all know in
more ways than one. He is attentive to the needs of
others before himself while taking on the serious
possibility of endangering himself. Ziona is showing
her skills as a provider and silent friend...
which in so many ways shows her in true light. Her
abilities are clear and for that her personna will help
the other two emensly. As for Fawnn, a natural
leader, yet entirely caring for the needs of her
friends. She has already demonstrated her place
and her deep need to succeed for herself and her
friends. However, I'm sure these three will be
shown in a brighter existance as this tale continues.

As for Mystyka's group. I'm either in denial or
judgement about my feelings. So far, potentially in
comparison to the other group, they have had it easy.
Before they set off, they stopped at the little grove in
which their friends were placed as beings of earth
rather than flesh. The touching part about this was
the manner they approached and the words that
were said.

Mystyka stopped when she had rejoined
Lord Malachi and Fatman. She spoke to
the enchanted grove saying, “The Harbinger
said that you were aware of what has
happened to you. That might mean that
you can hear and understand me. So know
this my friends. We know where to go and
what to do. We are on our way to accomplish
the Harbinger’s required quest. We’ll return
in a few days with the Darkseed of Ogrimar or
die in the attempt.”

Mystyka turned and walked away.
Lord Malachi stepped forward and unsheathed
his sword. He held it up with the hilt before his
eyes in a warrior salute to the enchanted grove
and said, “Companions I salute you. Brimstone
don’t worry about Mystyka. I promise to watch
over her and see to it she returns here in one
piece. Jedi my friend you watch over the rest
until I return.” He turned and hurried to catch
up with Lord Fatman and Mystyka who
were getting ahead of him.

The trees whispered to each other long past
the time that the trio of daring adventurers
had disappeared down the road in the pursuit
of their quest.

That portion brought tears to my eyes. It was
utterly touching and telling of the character in
which you, Raist, have placed into the Companions.

For Mystyka's quest, she was provided two of the
best people I can think of. Lord Fatman, a Paladin,
and a heart of gold. He brings a certain calming to
a situation and is more than willing to be knee
deep in mud to help his friends. However, we are
still to see his true position take place.. and I am in
great anticipation. Lord Malachi is a different story.
He is displaying many of his abilities as well as his
caring for his friends. He is proving to be a provider
as well as a keen observer of emotions. I'm sure,
as you said previously Raist, that we are going to see
much more into Mal's potential for this quest. (Oh,
and I have to note something here. Never in
segments before had I seen this, and it make
me smirk....
Mystyka waved up at him with one hand
and yelled, “I can’t do that Mal. Just pull
me up. It’s freezing down here.”
No one in the realm, except me calls Malachi "Mal"...
good on ya for throwing that in Wink)

As for Mystyka's place in this quest... I have too
many bias opinions to make this sound convincing.
So, with that, I'll just say this. She has many trials
and tribulations to overcome and conquer before
any reflection can truly be given. But I believe
she is in good company Smile

On a note, before I give you all a rest from my
bantering, I just want to say that I have a strange
connection to these segments and some of the
events. The gift Raist is giving me is being able to
see it more clearly. As usual I am in suspence to
see the coming events and knock down some of
those cliffhangers Raist so generiously offered up, lol.

I've also recalled many things that were shown in
the slideshow. The understanding of some parts
has again been brought together by not
only mental picture but physical. It's all splendid.
Ok, I'm done Razz *Waits not so patiently for the
next segment*

P.S. Raist, do make sure to let us know if and
when the revised version is posted. I have saved
this copy and want to see what Kittie's touch brings
to it. Wink Oh... and you're right, it does seem like
everyone has a thing for pregnancy around here,
doesn't it Razz

Mystyka aka Companion
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:49 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
All of my blah blah blahing... and I forgot to
comment on something that stayed with me.

Ishy's character is absolutely fascinating. She's
portrayed as a mythic character with no ties to
the Companions, their hardships or who they truly
are... yet she is drawn to Fawnn's group. The other
unique detail is her "friend" watching over them.
That was a brilliant addition on your part, Raist.
Between her scying and her communication, I
cannot wait to see how it all pans out.

Oh, and please don't thank me for such a barage
of words. You know how I feel about the story and
I tend to get alittle wordy, lol. Glad you enjoyed it
though, and as I said... I can't wait!
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 3:55 am Post subject:
Fawnn the Companion wrote,
Pheww I am so glad that is over it was the most
white knuckled I have been in all of the Brimstone
tales. I really couldnt move till I had finished reading
it it was more intense than any of the battle sceens.
I am very glad that Myst Ru and myself along with the
teams completed our respective tasks. And I am very
glad to have made a new Friend is there a chance he
will join the companions as I can see a place for him
as a guide for Myst and Tarn's son( lol yes Raist see
I knew it was a baby).

Hugs Raist and Kittie this tale was different and in
some ways more involved but no less the quality we
have come to know and respect.
Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 9:22 am Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
I think I'm gonna leave the lengthy posting to Myst Wink
and I'll save my speculation for the next segment.
Too many open ended things in my mind, so I'll try
reading it again, or just let them fall together in the
future. I'm in no position to fill in the blanks here Wink

But I have to say something about Fawnn in the
grove. Nothing specific, I just finished drafting a
contract, so I'm not feeling so wordy Wink But amidst
the emotion and even humor on other parts of
Shafferland, this scene was utterly captivating.
The tranquility of it all, and how obvious it became
as to why Fawnn was the leader of her adventuring
party. You always present this story so well, but
despite the quality of the entire work, some of your
efforts shine through extraordinarily.

And the Harbinger isn't nearly done with the
companions yet, is he? Wouldn't be much of a
Fourth Coming if that's all he had planned for us
Wink Also, I sure hope our mage companions have
functioning Turn Undead spells...or we're in for
a bit of a challenge. I'll leave it at that, I told
myself I wouldn't speculate this morning Razz

Thank you for the segment, sir, and I await the
next with eager anticipation.

~That final interchange with Mystyka and Malachi...
you hit that right on Laughing
Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 8:14 pm Post subject:
Ishy wrote,

I wish I really could double food, that would be

sweet. Take good care of my wolf friend, Fawnn,

you hear me? Wink

A person is not defined by what they are,

but what they do.

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 2:05 am Post subject:
Fawnn wrote,
Hi ya Ishy
yes hun your Wolf is safe with me or should I say
I feel safe with him which is more to the point.
Welcome to the Brimstone tales I think Raist got
your character down well and in keeping with game
Ishy I hope he finds a way to continue the contact.
(and yes with two teenagers I could use that food
spell too).
Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:49 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Ok, after like forever, I have finally found the time
to sit down and read this segment again and take it
all in once more. *Btw... This is another lengthy post...
so if you don't care... don't bother Razz – for anyone who
knows me… I get quite wordy*

I'm not even going to bother editing my previous
post, for what I have to say belongs where it is now.

Raist... As you know, this segment due a lot of
emotion from me. We had discussed a part of my
involvement previous to the posting, and yet, I did
not expect the flood of feeling I received from the
entire thing. Not only the parts that I felt connected
to, but even Fawnn's group... trials and tribulations.
Well done, my friend.

I, along with Mal, see so many openings for inquiries
left from this segment and that completely fascinates
me. With the loss of you're previous segment to each
detailed exchange in this one... my love for the
Brimstone story has been heightened. There is so
much more to be done and seen, that anticipation
is beyond my comprehension for what is to come.

Raist, you have such a talent for portraying the most
wonderful scenes and emotions... I feel truly blessed
to be able to read this story as it has progressed over
the past year and some... and even more grateful that
I have a small part in such a masterpiece.

Now... I throw in some of my thoughts about the
segment, now that I have babbled some.
-The introduction of the wolf to Fawnn’s party was
so interesting to encounter. Wolves are amazing
creatures and you really portrayed that so well,
Raist. I’m glad to see he’s going to be sticking
around for awhile.

-Ishy’s character intrigued me as well. Because of
her position, it was wonderful to see her human
emotions reflecting on how she thought and felt
with Fawnn’s party. Along with that, the Glen was
beautiful. One thing that really jumped out was the
fact that, because this part in the story is based on
an island that does not exist, reflecting upon the
differences it has from the rest of Althea… but
adding in the storyline to T4C… astounding. I’m
glad this isn’t the last we’ll see of Ishy or her Glen…
considering the Harbinger is not quite done with our
friends, as it’s been pointed out.

-The tress of Balance and Wisdom were a wonderful
experience. Because we have been treated with
pictures for the past while regarding Brimstone,
it further brought together the images we get when
we read the story. But not only that, Fawnn’s
interactions with the trees was well thought out
and I agree Raist, I saw much of her answers in
the story as I would see her actually reply. I
honestly could not see her failing those tests.
Well done.

-As to Mystyka’s party… much of my feelings
towards it are bias, but I’ll try to just keep my
points to the story. One thing this group definitely
had in common with the other was the way they
worked together. When it came down to it, they
were able to find away to utilize their skills to help
on another. *Even if the snide comments were
flying, lol*

-Mystyka’s situation is now sort of unclear. The
visions that she was shown, were not shown to
anyone else. So for the time being, she is dealing
with this alone. Not only has her appearance
changed, but what has been placed on her would
change anyone, I’m sure. I feel sorry for those
close to her, because I don’t feel she is the
same Myst they all know. I can’t wait to see how
this pans out.

-I’m truly glad to see that the Harbinger was able
to help Ru become her old self and take away the
pain she has suffered. That was rather trying for
her as well as the readers. I’m also thrilled to see
that the separate parties were able to fulfill their
tasks and bring their friends back to normal forms.

-Zadykiel’s new position is also quite interesting.
The new points to the women he has taken, as
well as his lower vampires, will surely be a challenge
for the Companions, if not himself. I’m sort of
wondering if the Harbinger has anything in store
for him…

-To add to all this, I simply cannot wait to see what
the Harbinger has in store for his next 2 trials. This
is the 4th coming afterall, and it seems that
humainity has alot to be judged on, not only
the Companions.

Now, I’m sure I have many more points and a lot
more ground to cover, considering the last couple
segments have been so bold and captivating. But
I’ll stop now and leave the rest for future segments
*and not to completely exasperate myself and
whoever is reading this, lol*

As usual, well done Raist. I’m thrilled to see this all
coming together again, as well that you have kept
posting without Kittie. She is missed, for her touch
on the story is always so noticeable… but I’m sure
she’ll soon return to us and make her mark. Good
on ya friend, and again thank you so much for this
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 4:36 am Post subject:
Dracconis Black Dragon wrote,
You need to stop with the sneak peeks and let us
the readers experience the story first hand
otherwise your taking all the fun out of it... Dont
make me throw a fit... I want a read it first... I want
to read it first... ok fit over with we are doing much
better now!
Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 6:31 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Welcome back Kittie!!!! Hope you didn't lose too
much hun, but it's super glad to see you back Wink

Raistlin wrote:
I'll resume work on my end when you catch up
to me. No rush as we flooded the readers with
tales for months prior to your absence. I think
we overdid it actually. I think maybe I violated
the cardinal rule of entertainment.
"Always leave them wanting more."

Raist..... I object! LoL... truth be told I, and I'm sure
others, could never get enough of this story. You
have, yes, spoiled us... but I don't think of it like that.
I see it as enjoyment of a seriously amazing passtime
Wink Oh, and I don't think you'll ever have to fear the
majority of us not wanting more... it's a strange
addiction! However, we also do understand the need
for a break and such.

Heh, anyways... good to see you, Kittie... and I
can't wait to see what you'll do with you're
editing techniques Smile
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:49 pm Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
*sheepishly stands, his eyes downcast, nudging
his metal chair back with his leg*
Hi, I'm Malachi...and I'm addicted to Brimstone Wink
OOdlz Grandmaster

Joined: 15 May 2004
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 10:28 pm  
Post subject:
Wb kittie Smile, Looks as though im gonna
have to get the Big poking stick out this yourself! haha Wink

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:24 pm

Post subject:

Kittie wrote,
~backs into the corner, watching fat's
stick~ ummmmmmm

pressure on the editor??? thas me,
just an editor with a dictionary, lol.

looks like mostly i just lost time...
and money, lol. nothing major seems
to be missing.

i hope i can come close to the
expectations!! ~sneaks back to the
desk, furiously editing, keeping an
eye on the junkies staring at her~
love and light,

in some cultures what i do is considered normal.

i am not weird, i'm gifted

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 11:48 pm 

Post subject:

Fawnn Quoting the author,
Quote thingy
For example Fawnn's party. I'd like to
see a paragraph or two edited in
detailing the extreme cold during the
storm and how that affected
the party.

Let me get this right Raist you want
Kittie to make us feel colder and
more uncomfortable than we
were? Are you serious!!!!!

Kittie hun so glad to see you back
and so glad to see you taking Raist
in hand dont listern to him wanting
us to be more colder
hun do it your way lol.

just a side note has anyone heard
from or about Ziona really starting
to miss that girl?





Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:27 pm    Post subject:
Shalmain wrote,
I am absolutely dieing for the the latest edition
of Brimstone!! lol
Take care and keep up the good work.
Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:18 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
*twitch* Ok... I'm going through some major
Brimstone withdrawls...

*cries alittle*
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 2:19 pm    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Good to hear Smile The shakes are leveling off a bit,
but I could still use my fix Wink Lookin' forward to it, sir.

Thank you for the edit, Myst...maybe the shakes
were worse than I thought Razz
Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 10:08 pm Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
What Mal meant to say there, was the shakes "are"
leveling off abit. HAHA!

Anyways, great to know you and Kittie are getting
you're groove back, Raist... I can't wait to read the
edited versions of the last 2 segments (Even though
I saved the unedited Wink) And I'm simply thrilled to
know there's a new segment in the works.

As much as these withdrawl symptoms are a pain...
I'm happy knowing I can poke Mal around and
cause his to flare more, heh.

But yeah... good to see you and Kittie back at the
writting table together again, as I'm sure we'll be
pleasantly thrilled to see what you guys put
together next Smile
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Needs to get a life!

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 10:21 pm 
Post subject:
sometime there is words i dont understand
well but i love this story more and more i
finished reading the segment and i loved it
so much more than word can say and thank
you to put me in the story its a honor (:>

ill be soon reading the newest segment

that sound like some real thing i knew
;thanks to put me in story as i am
born with one white wing and
one black wing
Marina Flames X10

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:32 pm 

Post subject:

Lord Malachi wrote,
Very Happy I've got to be on my way to class,
or else I'd have more to say.

But really...chicken pot pies.
I'm rather hungry now...

And thank you both greatly for
the segment Smile

Author's note: This is a reference to a
meal the Companions were eatting in a
tavern. It was never named but the
description of the dish matches chicken
pot pie. Malachi caught that.

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 6:29 pm 

Needs to get a life!

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 10:21 pm 
Post subject:
sometime there is words i dont understand
well but i love this story more and more i
finished reading the segment and i loved it
so much more than word can say and thank
you to put me in the story its a honor (:>

ill be soon reading the newest segment

that sound like some real thing i knew
;thanks to put me in story as i am
born with one white wing and
one black wing
Marina Flames X10

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:32 pm 

Post subject:

Lord Malachi wrote,
Very Happy I've got to be on my way to class,
or else I'd have more to say.

But really...chicken pot pies.
I'm rather hungry now...

And thank you both greatly for
the segment Smile
Post subject:

Mystyka wrote,
Just for the simple fact I didn't know
this was postedand Mal beat me to it....
Imma have to hurt him. Razz

And that fits in fabulously with Mal and
my interactions, well done Raist Wink
Woot! Skan and Hrist.... good on
ya, gals Smile


Wow... 2 dead. Huh.
I can only imagine the how the Gods feel...
being so fond of the Companions and not
being able to help. I know how this tends
to make them react, heh.

I'm really amused by the Dragons' choice
of communication and inticement with the
Companions. Can't wait to see how all
that pans out. I don't think Zadykiel realizes
what is going to happen. And even
though I haven't the slightest clue...
I don't think it's wise to make a
Dragon mad....

I'm really enjoying the interaction with
the people of Shafferland, as I've said
before. It's always quite compelling when
you can imagine a persons reaction
to the stories and people that the
Companions hold.

Hmm.. I seem to be lacking in stuffs to
say. Guess I'm out of practice *cough* Razz
But... it's really nice to see the story back
in full glory... and always great to see the
work you produce together, Raist and
Kittie. Good on ya both Smile And I'm super
glad this segment is so intriguing... always
a cliff hanger! Heh.

*I may edit and add later... my brain
is mushy after a day at work, lol*
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends






Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:59 am    

Post subject:

Kittie wrote,
lol, glad i could finally surprise Raist!!

actually, i am as bad as the rest of ya in
wanting!!! so i started
editing as soon as i got this one, and
managed to get it back rather quickly.

i am going back to working fifty hours a
week again, but i promise i will be editing
as fast as i can, so we can all continue
enjoying the tales. thanks for all your
kind words, and the continual support
given raist and myself for the stories.

lol, and i prefer the pork pies!!
love and light,

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:53 pm 

Post subject:

Death-Angel wrote,
as alwys nice reading the work bro and
nice how you placed my new role into the
novel to bad it wasnt afemale vampy heh
joking but once again i say nice work i will
enjoy seeing how my new role turns out
Death-Angel -FoD- Founder 7x


Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:23 pm 

Post subject:

Shalmain wrote,
Thank you Raist for this new segment,
it's been long awaited by many Wink

I can't wait to see how Ciaran
progresses, ohh you
mis-spelled it btw pard Wink

Keep up the excellent work Smile

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:04 am 

Post subject:

Poseidon™ wrote,
Friend of mine told in me ingame
that there was a new chapter so i
had to come a read again. I havent
read them all yet, still alot to read
but iam getting there thx to this
forum all for brimstone anyways,
Great work again Razz


Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:33 am 

Post subject:

Dracconis Black Dragon wrote,
Yes I know Raist that the spelling of my
name was fouled up but like you said it
was corrected...LOL

And as for the reading IT could not have
come at a better time for me. With all 3
servers crashing at around 6:30pm CST
it gave me perfect opportunity to catch
up on the forum events and then finally
get to reading this segment with
uninterupted silence so to speak.

Once again I still hold you in high regards
to the greats(L.O.T.R).

Keep up the good work and Kittie keep
it coming we all like the surprises just as
much as you do.

You two ROCK!!!

P.S. One last thing for all those that are
reading this... Read the line from my siggy
and what Mystika had to say..
Keep that in mind....WEG!
Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 5:07 am 
Post subject:
Fawnn the Companion wrote,
I too had to wait to read this segment
I knew it was here but just could get
free of Rl stuff to sit down long enough
to give it the time it deserved.

But as per usual it was absolutly worth
the wait! Raist and Kittie this story never
ceases to amaze me with its depth and
colour. The charcters and story line are
engaging, entralling and drag you in to
trap you into wanting MORE.

I will miss Shal and his sharp wit and
can only hope that his brother Ciaran
share's this trait. Rest assured though
Ciaran weather you join us or not
Zadykiel WILL pay!!!!!
Needs to get a life!

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  PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 6:08 am 
  Post subject:
  very good segment as always people
  deaths always sad ;would be hard too
  for the gods to not interfere in it Crying or Very sad

  all compagnions are seraph or only a
  few ? if i read about tygga death
  ressurected by ogrimar into death angel .
  he was a human only before? does all
  seraph went thru that ?

  good day

  hehe Skan thanks to protect me Wink
  born with one white wing and
  one black wing

  Marina Flames X10
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  PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:01 am    
  Post subject:
  was wondering is there profile's of
  all characters in story ?
  born with one white wing and
  one black wing

  Marina Flames X10
  Hrist Oceane X10
  ~Demons Huntress~
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  PostPosted: Sun Nov 12,
  2006 10:07 am    
  Post subject:
  There used to be before I
  lost it in the reformat when
  the trojan attacked my
  computer. I am slowly
  reconstructing it.

  But it is just a Character
  sheet style thing I use to
  make sure I keep characters
  straight in the tales and not a
  detailed appendix.

  Have a great day,
  Raist Justice

Dedicated to the concept of
Justice for all,
special privileges for none.

                      Sun Nov 12,
                      2006 10:18 am 
                      Post subject:
                      Skan wrote, 
Hrist wrote:
hehe Skan
thanks to protect me Wink

Np lady glad to be of
service Smile I however
would like to know where
you got the special
training to use the
weapon you did when
you finished that lout off.
Wink Because you
see I'm thinking
maybe I'll get me one
of those pans for
future use and want
to know where to get
trained in the proper
use of it
as a weapon....
Wink Wink

Needs to get a life!

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PostPosted: Sun
Nov 12, 2006
11:02 am 
Post subject:
pans ? not sure
what it is but
maybe ;it is the
thing we use
to make food
on fire?
born with one
white wing
and one
black wing

Marina Flames X10
Hrist Oceane X10
~Demons Huntress~

PostPosted: Sun
Nov 12,
2006 11:08 am 
Post subject:
Skan wrote,
yes pan is what
we use to
cook food in
and the one
you hit that
fella with
alot like a
(skillet = pan
long handle)

PostPosted: Sun
Nov 12,
2006 12:30 pm 
Post subject:
Hrist wrote,
oh ok tought
about it but
wasnt sure
well its a family
training for ages
.. all woman
need that skill
in family mom
teached me it
when was
lil and practice
with years Wink
come with me
ill show you

a hour later;

take pan like
this and swing
like that..
*uff uff* that
all i can teach
you ;the rest is
up to you to
practice and
learn ur own
skill with it Wink

( hehe lol )
born with one white wing
and one black wing

Marina Flames X10
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 12,
2006 5:18 pm Post subject:
hehe.. I knew how to use a
rolling pin in such a manner
(This skill was taught to me
by my mother) but Hrists
training with the pan shall
make me quite lethal now
should someone break
into my kitchen Wink Wink
Bad attitude?
Good attitude?
Brat Pack attitude?
Dracconis Black Dragon
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 12,
2006 7:54 pm Post subject:
ROFLMAO at Skan and Hrist!
Oh and btw Raist I was
caught up to you and the
rest just before you were
attacked and reread the
last segment that was
posted after the reboot,
so if I didn't say anything
I am truely sorry for that
I will try to do better next
time. *turns away with
head down* Walks over
to corner and waits
for punishment to end.

Mon Nov 13,
2006 12:43 pm 
Post subject:


Shalmain wrote,

Fawnn the Companion


I too had to wait to read
this segment I knew it
was here but just could
get free of Rl stuff to
sit down long enough
to give it the time it

But as per usual it was
absolutly worth the
wait! Raist and Kittie
this story never ceases
to amaze me with its
depth and colour. The
charcters and story line
are engaging, entralling
and drag you in to trap
you into wanting MORE.

I will miss Shal and his
sharp wit and can only
hope that his brother
Ciaran share's this trait.
Rest assured though
Ciaran weather you
join us or not Zadykiel
WILL pay!!!!!

I can only hope Ciaran
will dance to his brothers
rhythem until time that
his brothers death will
be avenged, then
perhaps you'll see the
difference in their
personalities. They
were close at one
point but Shalmain
always wanted for more
with his existance.
This left Ciaran a little
bitter and he tried to
better himself over
his brother...
Lets see if he has?

Shalmainia wrote:
They were close at
one point but Shalmain
always wanted for more
with his existance. This
left Ciaran a little bitter
and he tried to better
himself over his brother

This also holds true in
real life between
myself and my older
brother, so let's
hope that I can get
some healing
from this Wink
PostPosted: Tue Nov 21,
2006 2:45 pm  
 Post subject:
 Dracconis Black
Dragon wrote,
Ok gotta have my fix...
starting to shake here....
When will we get the
next segment?...
(Hungers for more) Very Happy






Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:44 pm    
Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,
Come join our support group,
Dracconis, we have warm bread,
steamed Bre, and a variety of ale
for refreshment (also served in
a vase). We can help one another
through this period of waiting for our
fix Razz *hands you a small black velvet
case* Enclosed is a membership
pin...wear it, bring your copy of
and eat up Wink

And the holidays would be a perfect
time for such a thing, Raist Wink You
really must plan this sort of thing!
Can't wait. Thanks so much,
Raist and Kittie Smile
Dracconis Black Dragon
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:58 pm    
Post subject:
Lord Malachi it would be an honor
to be able to sit amongst your
company sir.
Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 6:39 pm    
Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Well, I'm going through many vaious signs of
withdrawl from Brimstone *as I normally do*
... so it's nice to know there is something in
the works for a segment to post soon.
Considering this will be the second Christmas
Brimstone has graced us, it would only be
fitting to have a candycane and Brimstone
seggy for a treat Wink.

As to a few subtle hints dropped by our faithful
writter and injury prone warrior... I honestly
can't wait to come home one day and get my
fill of Brimstone in the near future. For
where you should stop and post, Raist.... the
only suggestion I have... is for you to post
whenever you feel you want to. I would hate
for you to leave something out *not including the
cliffhanger I know you'll provide* or give away
too much. Either way, you know I'll be one of the
first to give you props Wink

Besides... I'll just sit back and pester Mal while
I wait. It's become a rather fun passtime, heh.

Good on ya again, Raist and Kittie.
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 10:55 pm    
Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
You know, I've read this before and have been
following Brimstone since the very beginning

But it just now occured to me how tremendously
vital this information is for the new readers. Alot
of what was posted here was also portrayed in
a few segments... but nothing this detailed has
been shown for what had occured before
Brimstone and the Companions were introduced.

I would also like to point out, that this is also
more for the lesser of the t4c players. Many
of us, who have had our fair share of time
with the game have come to know the folklore
behind the story. But in all truth, Raist you
have such a wonderous talent that it came
to life even moreso by your words.

For those who may read this, I would strongly
advise, if you haven't already, to begin reading
the story of Brimstone and join us in this fantasic
tale. You will not be disappointed.

And Raist, for when the story of Brimstone
gets published, I truly hope you include this
as an opener. Smile
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:53 am 
Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Slowly but surely I'm catching up Very Happy

Raist... sometimes your imagination and consistance
in storytelling amaze me. Then I remember just how
much I love this story and what a magnificant means
you have of telling it.

Forever and a day ago, we encountered Brimstone.
We read through his trials and tribulations growing
into who he was. We experienced the many stories
around him, for him and about him. We've seen him
ingage the Companions, one by one or many at a
time... taking them in as friends and forming a
great alliance. Through time, we also have many
memories of people and events that have occured...

- Brimstone's selfless acts towards people and
  groups within cities and villages he visited.
- The differences with the gods - Brimstone and
Artherk's relationship.
- Damia and Brimstone *awwww*
- William (Bill) Irongrip
- Fawnn having to take my robe in for drycleaning
   ... heh!
- Gargoyle and Warewolf wars.
- War of the Gods.
- 4 marriages.
- 2 children *yes, Tersha is included*
- The Torlags and the Bre war.
- The Gryphon
- etc, etc.

Ok.. I could go on for hours. My point in all this...
Raist and Kittie, you both have been able to bring a
story to life. Something thought up to entrance a
reader into, not only feeling as if they can see the
acts depiced... but to be a part of it. Raist, I think
you've brought that element into a better take
with the torlag's vision capability. Much like you
have with this story, the torglag's are able to
convey emotions with what they show. I think
it a privledge to have the opportunity to read
this and feel a part of it.

Now.. the segment? LOL
I am absolutely blown away by the number of
ants there are. You have managed to create
another menace that the Companion's have
not been exposed to. Add all that to Zadykiel and
his reluctants to give up, the Harbinger series
has seen many new differences from previous
segments/"books", that could possibly make
Brimstone an even better story.
I can't wait to see how the next set of events
pans out. Between the ants and Zadykiel - this
is one of the bigger fights the Companions have
ever faced. *Grimices at Jedi's leg* Ouchy!!!
I'm glad it wasn't too serious.. I have a feeling
Malachi would have been alittle lost without his

I do have to wonder though... I know the
Companions in a hole are there... but with
all the fighting, stratagy talk, weapons, etc...
where are Jon and Tarn? I'm surprised
these two haven't piped up with opinions and such.
*Shrugs* Oh well, heh... everyone's getting a piece,
I suppose.

Anyways, Good on ya, as usual, Raist and Kittie.
Brimstone always manages to keep me longing for
more... so I'll get to the next couple segments with
some impatience, heh. So I'll get to it Wink

P.S. Heh, Raist... you have such a sense of wit,
it's uncanny. You and I have talked much on the
subject. *Tosses her dagger square to the middle
of Mal's vase......* Give me attitude....sheesh!
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 1:03 pm    
Post subject:
More More More....

Sorry I just couldn't help myself.

Raist I swear with each segment you
get better and better at what you do
and now that you have some time on
your hands away from work I am sure
that this next segment will be as good
if not better than the last. I am
amazed as well that you can write
these segments without feeling the
same emotions that we as readers do,
not to say that you don't
or Kittie for that matter.

Nessarose reached out a hand to
touch his hand and replied,
“Ciaran that might
not be such a good idea.”

Meeting her gaze with his own he
showed his resolve when he said
something similar to what Damia
had once said to a Gryphon
Knight Commander. “If he can
endure it can I not look upon those
memories? It seems to me that to
do less is to dishonor
his memory.”

I have to admit that I am not a man
who normally cries and may have
said that in the past but twice
in this segment I have done so.
You have found a way so that all
readers can visually see what has,
is, and will take place with such
detail that it seems
real to the mind.

Bravo I say, Bravo good sir.




Author's note: I am including my response to the
last post because it is relevant to what the man said.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22,

2006 2:37 pm    Post subject:

That is only one such instance Raist, you accomplish so much more than that. I am not sure that mere words,no pun, can describe the level of writing that you have accomplished in the eyes of your readers, myself included. All I can tell you is that you have done an outstanding job and that to keep up the good work. And that happens to be an understatment for the previous sentence. I have yet to have the "Yeah get'em!", outloud, moment in the book that I can remember as of yet and am eagerly awaiting such a segment to come. I am sure that if there was such a segment already posted that I am sure to be reminded by either you or the readers and would welcome such a revisit to that segment.

Bravo! Sir Bravo!

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:30 pm    Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Dracconis...welcome to the Brimstone fold, heh.

Everything you said in your first post has been said ALOT, heh, believe you me. I'm super happy to see another providing the same love and admiration for the story as many of us have shared over time. I'm not entirely sure when you started reading Brimstone, but if it was within the last 100 chapters... you have caught on as fast as well all did. Also if that is also true... I would strongly urge you to go back and start from the beginning of this masterpiece. Since it has began, Brimstone has evolved into a tale that can take you away... a story that can capture you and put your intensity and emotions on the line, as Raist depicts his vision.

Now.. I could be wrong and you've been reading since the beginning with the rest of us. If that is the case *SMACK* you should have pipped up before man! Heh, Raist knows my feelings about Brimstone. He's also more than aware of how high I regard Kittie and himself for the magnificant things that have been able to bring to life... and show t4c in a broader light.

Blah blah blah... heh, look at me go.

Anyways.. I haven't actually had the time to get through the segment as of yet. But I couldn't pass up a chance to blab abit as I read your postings. I'll get back to that now and you'll all have my longwindedness again in my *happy* saved spot above within the next couple days, as usual.

Raist... you're winking at me again I see Razz I think you and I need to have a chat, lol

And Mal, hun... *MINE!!!!* heh... I only sneak when there is sneaking to be done... you gave the opportunity away to me and you know it! LoL
~High Council~
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  PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 2:24 pm    
  Post subject:
Thank you for the kind
words Dracconis.

Here's my attitude toward what you
just described. If what I write doesn't
touch me how can I expect it to touch
another? So I write scenes like the
one you targeted into the series
whenever the plot permits and hope
for the best. I often find myself
sniffling after I have concluded and
polished such snippets. If I do not
then I revisit them and try harder. Wink

I remember a conversation I had
early on with Kittie about what I
wanted to accomplish as a
writer. It went something like this:

"I want to be able to make the
reader relate to what I write.
I want them to see the images
I describe and feel the
emotions of the situations.
If I can consistantly do that
then I am happy."

It sounds as if I have accomplished
this in your view with this segment
so I rejoice.

Have a great day,
Raist Justice

Dedicated to the concept of
Justice for all,
special privileges for none.





Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:12 pm    

Post subject:Dracconis wrote, 

Mystika...LOL...What you dont know is that I have read EVERY post from Raist and Kittie in a matter of about 2 months or less on the Brimstone subject and series. I have been caught up and begging for more for the past 2 months since Raist had the crash and Kittie's went down to be repaired. *Smack* on the back of the hand. As I do not have the honor of smacking you anywhere else nor the fact I would never hit a LADY such as you. Wink

All in all I have posted
earlier in the series putting Raist and Kittie right up there with J.R.R Tolkien on MANY occasions. I truly believe that he has mastered the technique to write a story that would with the proper editing would be a movie
that would rival L.O.T.R.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:21 am  

Post subject:

Sorry for my late reply, I read the
segment a couple ago and couldn't
manage to write a reply in that time :S

What a wonderful wonderful segment,
I love Ciaran already, and well. bah! I
don't have the words!!!

Congratz, again!!!!!!!
Fawnn the Companion
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 8:52 pm    Post subject:

ok welcome to Daconis and my appolgies to Raist and Kittie for my slowness I can only say that this time of year is just so full on and I am so glad I finaly had time to start catching up - mind you I dont think I could say anuthing better than Myst I will continuereading and save for thelast of the current chapters I havnt read. but as always you two have never let us down and I thank you so much for your continued efforts on the Brimstone series.


Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 10:13 pm    

Post subject:

Lord Malachi wrote,

Leave it to the Harbinger to have the last line Wink These past two segments have been brilliant. I'm beyond glad that Brimstone was able to find a solution to this battle rather than a militaristic end. While the Companions and their allies fought brilliantly, there was no need for the slaughter of an entire race trying to protect their Queen...That is assuming the forces of Shafferland could have ultimately defeated them.

This battle and the logistics were nothing short of brilliant, Raist. You certainly did not disappoint in that aspect or in any. I wonder, what sort of force were we looking at in the event that a last ditch effort at the trenches became necessary?

I can imagine how grim the situation would be for the humans and Torlags, despite what Brimstone let on to the Queen. This third test (that you so kindly left us hanging on Wink) intrigues me. I won't even pretend to be creative here, because the possibilities confound me. Zadykiel, while he should not be underestimated, is weak. His minions are few, and he's failed what he hoped he would accomplish with the ants (or so it would seem).

Against the overall might of the Companions, he offers little resistance, unless he has one more trick up his sleeve for them just yet. And you never know with a villain like him. I'm eagerly anticipating what could follow...What this choice is, and who must make it...

Oh well, as unpleasant as it becomes to wait...wait I must. Thank you both for this double helping of Brimstone this week. It was hardly too much to digest Wink Just a matter of finding the time to sit down and pay the story the time it merits. Raist and Kittie, thank you both once again for continuing to spoil us. I can't wait for what's to come Smile

Have a great rest of your weekend.


Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:40 am    Post subject:

Death-Angel wrote,

u know u have it lol maybe jus been busy or lazy Shocked lol any wayz nice reading

as always and tc pard
Death-Angel -FoD- Founder 7x


PostPosted: Sun Nov 26,

Dracconis wrote,

2006 10:17 pm    Post subject:

Raist...all I can think of right now is WOW!


PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 9:10 pm    

Post subject:

Fawnn wrote,


Who would have thought that ants have a sence of humor if fact the queen showed more humane traits then many humans do.

I am begining to dread the Third
test and wonder who and what it will involve while I dont doubt they Brimstone Damia and the companions are up to the challenge but at what cost...... we shall see!

Again you dont disapoint

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 7:32 pm    Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,

Typically I'm faster at replying than this, yes. But hey.. here I am, lol.

I would have placed my post in my original place, but.. I dunno, heh.

Anyways... WOW! I had read some of this segment, but not enough to see the full picture or form a basis to post. But hell, Raist... I wouldn't have expected this segment to be how it was. Not saying that I expected different.. but I lack the forsight you have to see something prior to experience it through your writing.

Regardless, I'm so proud of Brimstone and his constant efforts to maintain what he believes is right. In Zadykiel's cave, he didn't hesitate on saving the two women and killing what he could of Zadykiel's minions. Strategically he managed to keep up his "mana" supply to help all factions compensate in battle - yet never bowing out of battle if he felt weak. Negotiating what he did with the Queen ant, being as blunt as he can be when time is of importance, also shows he prefers calmer resolutions opposed to battle.

As you and Mal discussed... the many elements contributing to how the battle was faught, had to draw slightly away from you're usual means with battlescenes. Although, with as many allies and partnerships the Companions have made, you had a significant amount of techniques to draw on. Marc, Aspen and Eric bring much opportunity to the means. Their skills as well as their men, plenty, as always assets. Along with the Torlags. Falling back on the Companions, though, I miss seeing John, Tarn and the others debate and prosper with such things. Mal got a good placement, being our resident Warrior, if you will Wink.

Anyways, I'm very pleased on how the Ant encounter ended. It worked well for both sides and reminded us that creatures are intelligent... even if it's in their own way. With the end result with the Ants, you've also left much to work on for the future, if it ever comes to that.

Applause as always Smile.

The third test should be a treat. With such a cliffhanger, I haven't a clue of what to expect, nor have I spoiled it for myself by reading reviews. I know Ishy and her Glen will prove important in this test and I'm anxious to read on to see how it pans out.

As always Raist and Kittie... Bravo and I'm super glad I still had segments to fall back on Wink. You know my next post on the next segment will be screaming for more Brimstone... but I wouldn't be me without that, now would I? Heh.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 11:07 pm    

Post subject:

after like 45 min to read (err Mystyka i think im too slow lol) i can say again a great segment Smile) i will read the next one another day i have past 5 am now lol and really need sleep
good work Raist and Kittie Wink
born with one white wing and one black wing

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Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:19 pm    Post subject:
Mystyka wrote,
Hmm.. Raist.. teaser Razz

The CoC are a smart bunch. Disguising themselves as
Companions and reaking havoc... my oh my.

I am however glad that people are skilled enough to
notice different voices and trust those close to them.
Along with how Eric and Damia handled what happened
with Marc and Aspen.

I can only imagine the rest of book 7. This is truly
going to be great.

Good on ya, Raist and Kittie.. and thank you for
the New Year's treat Wink
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends
Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 12:43 am    Post subject:
Lord Malachi wrote,

It may be too early to call, but this book has the makings

of somehow being better than its predecessors. Simply



Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 8:07 pm   

 Post subject:

More! Twisted Evil
Lady Ru
Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 1:48 pm    Post subject:

I second that!

More please!!! Wink

I'm totally taken on the upcoming events and
can't even fathom what may happen.... so!!!!

I need to read it, heh.
~High Council~
-LR- Lady of Legends

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 10:55 pm    Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,

ROFL, I am a die-hard reader. Give me 5 segments a day and it still wouldn't be enough, lol. I can read a standard size novel in around 3 hours, so no matter how fast you post them, you can't burn me out. But you do an excellent job of keeping me longing for more.

Lol, I pretty much go back and re-read the entire series when you keep me waiting for more than a week, just so I can enjoy the adventures, even if they are not new ones.
Lady Ru


PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:17 pm    Post subject:

kokopellimana wrote,


Kudos and thank you Raist. Your writings are addictive. You truly have a gift and I, for one, and greatful that you share that gift with us. I hope to see this in print soon, my friend, there is none more deserving. You do this as a Labor of Love, I know. It would be a great honor to have this in print and proudly displayed, with a well read copy in hand to read again and again and to use to introduce you and your writings to many unaware of the talent you posess. I share your site with the stories on it with many, and I have heard nothing but praise, even from those that have never heard of T4C. The stories are awesome and captivating in and of themselves. Keep up the great work!

Humbled at your feet, listening to a great story told
by the Master,


PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:55 pm    Post subject:

Fawnn wrote,


I like this I realy like the way this story is panning out!!!!!!! It's a new direction Raist and has great possiblities that I'm sure you and Kittie will explore.

Well done again


PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:28 pm    Post subject:  

Skan wrote,


Which bleaching agent does he use for his wings?
I should buy stock in it......... alotta stock Wink Wink
Bad attitude?
Good attitude?
Brat Pack attitude?
Depends on which one you give me.

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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 5:28 pm    Post subject:
*Looks for a new posting.. without success. Walks away with a pout*

I'm going through withdrawl!!! Razz
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 7:28 am    

 Post subject:

 Skan wrote,
Raistlin wrote:

One thing I learned from the segment is that it is a bad idea to wake up Skan in the middle of the night lol.

How'd you know that? Who you been talkin to? hehe
Bad attitude?
Good attitude?
Brat Pack attitude?
Depends on which one you give me.

It's a shame stupidity isn't painful.


Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 8:07 am    

Post subject:

Mytsyka wrote,


I manage to remind myself, on a daily basis, how busy I get and how I neglect the things I enjoy the most. One of which being Brimstone, of coure.

I was saying to Mal just yesterday that I needed to
find the time to post, as I feel sorta bad. I have always been one to jump on the chance to read and post my opinions. The problem as of late, is I get the chance to read but posting seems to take time I'm having problems finding.

So.. I decided to bypass any security I have here at work and post. It's not going to be as lengthy as usual.. but you deserve my praise Raist and Kittie.

I'll try to keep this as non-bias as possible *lol, keeping in mind I love Mystyka's storylines*.

This book looks as though it is going to bring a whole new meaning to the word "trouble". The Companions have always been able to stick together through anything, but when they are directly conflicted towards eachother... you have to wonder if something might make them break. The perfect example of this, being Tarn's distrust in both Mystyka and Malachi. Don't get me wrong, I do understand *to a point* where Tarn is coming from... but it seems the CoC's knows how to effect the Companions emotions.

I must say.. I find so many little quirks in the interactions between some characters. Damia and Ogrimar make me laugh so much. So serious, so playful.... such an amazing Father/Daughter relationship. I also find that the Compansions have interesting qualities when it comes to interacting with one another. From side glances to straight-forward words. It's fabulous how you bring everything into such an amazing light, Raist and Kittie. Oh, and our little Torlag companions are sooooo handy to have around, lol. I mean, I have full faith in Skan and Hrist's abilities to keep safe, but a natural hunter is super handy to have sleeping at the foot of your bed.

Anyways, all in all this book looks like it may be one of the most interesting yet. I'm glad to have the chance to continue reading the Brimstone tale as well as be alittle thrilled that my character gets to play a role. I can't wait to see how this starts playing out.... Raist, you've set an amazing stage for the things to come.

The CoC's have taken an interesting choice in Mystyka... I am curious as to why she was chosen. (My luck, the answer was given in the segment and it eluded me). But it seems they've got everything in their plans down to the last detail and will stop at nothing to see it happen. I do however have to wonder how alot of the person's in the CoC got there... seeing as how Gluriurl is but a figment to modern *Brimstone times* times. There was something mentioned awhile back about this being worse than Zadykiel.. which of course amuses me... but I'm just sitting on pins and needles for this all to pan out. Raist, your gift is spectacular, I can't wait to see where it takes you during this book.

I hope I've touched on most of my points... I'm stupid busy and keep getting distracted by this work stuff, heh. So, I'll return to twiddling my thumbs and sulking until the next segment is posted, keeping eager anticipation close at hand.

Thank you Raist and Kittie for continuing such a wonderful story.

P.S. Z's comment about being busy is anything but untrue. Life stuff is important.. but so is something that brings me so much joy by reading. And yes, of course I mean Brimstone Wink
~High Council~
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:31 am    Post subject:

Dont know which is the best news - New Brimstone or Ziona back ahhhh but its all good .
I like this type of story Raist - the battles are great and the adventures are exciting but the stroies that delve into indivuals have a special appeal.
Again so pleased to see more of the wonderfull Brimstone and welcome back Ziona.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:36 am    Post subject:
K972 wrote,
Twisted Evil Wow… where to start. Just when one would think “this segment is the most heart pounding and knock you on your feet”. Kitty & Raist you out done yourselves once again. And this time what makes it worse is it’s more of a mental battle than physical… oh don’t get me wrong there is still the normal battle but it’s more of who has the most wits. To put one companion against another, it’s actually quite ingenious of who ever the cleverly disguised foe is. Previous enemies have tried to attack the companions directly and indirectly, but have failed at there attempts. Now this new foe attempts to attack the core which binds us together, that fabric with has been with us from the beginning and assisted in excelling us into victory despite the moment. Ingenious I tell you….ingenious. Innocent by standards are being targeted into thinking the companions so called “ego” demands that they be treated godly for what they have done to protect the realm. At the same time the companions attempting to get to the truth without harming the innocents……LOL sorry to sound like I admire this new plot, but Kitty & Raist your dark side coming out. Hehehehe …I can’t wait till the next adventure. Ok…ok I’m hooked, can you blame me I follow Ogrimar. Besides it’s been a while since I’ve had my Brimstone fix……….ROFL!!!

Grrr I continue to get the feeling the Harbinger isn’t finished with us the companions. It was hard enough to prove that we were worthy of passing his tests, but now comes the true test….to continue to keep the balance. Enough of my babbling & I hope I made some sort of sense, untill the next Chapter I bid thee farewell.
Twisted Evil

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 1:33 pm    Post subject: Brimstone
WOW! Your right that intro was great and you took off running from there! So it seems the gods dont even know whats going on for sure and the companions could sure use some help of intervention here. Where's all the good mentalists, dont we have any on our side? lol Using the dang brie for a distraction is great, someone's got to catch on tho!!!

I feel the need to step into this story and tell the companions "Hey, you dont know me but this is whats going on!" LMAO How I wish! Smile

"feels an old addiction returning"
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:41 pm    Post subject:
Crying or Very sad First of all thank you for another heart stopper adventure. I don’t know if you did this on purpose or it’s purely coincidence. As I read these chapters I kept getting this eerie feeling, a déjà vu if you will. MERSHA…………. I’m beginning to dislike this new foe very much.

LOL I’m too excited for the next adventure to write anything else. Until the next Chapter I bid thee farewell.

Twisted Evil
Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:53 pm    Post subject:
Lady Ru wrote,
This segment left me feeling anticipation, worry, and fear. It was interesting to learn of the Mer people. I was rather surprised when the tail was described, for some reason I wasn't thinking of Mer-people but more of a hidden city under the sea. I look forward to learning more of them, but at the same time, I want them to go away and not hurt or threaten the Companions.

As always, the story pulled me in and left me wanting more Smile.

I don't tend to picture scenes as I read. I feel them mostly, and as always this segment pulled me in and made me feel as I was living through the situations myself.
I am glad Skan made it through her battle safely, I was tense and worried that she would be fatally injured or seriously damaged. I feel sorry for Myst, she doesn't seem the type that keeps secrets easily and I can feel the pain and stress she is under.
I also feel sorry for those new fighters that didn't want to fight in the battles as instructed. I think they best not be trying to be friendly to Brimstone in the near future, I don't think he would be overly kind to them as they put many at risk with their grandeur.

I don't usually try to guess ahead, but in this segment, the dark figure that was at the arrow right after Myst left it, hinted to me that it was Ogrimar. I wouldn't say it was a guess, but more of a hope that it was him doing something to protect his daughter. It made me smile to find out for sure it was him. I have no idea what he is plotting, but it is good to be left feeling he would protect Damia

The only dissapointing thing about this segment is that it had to end. But at the same time it is great to have a new section to read and enjoy. Now just to find the patience to wait for the next part without badgering for it. Smile

This segment was easy to follow for me. I didn't have to go back and re-read any part. It flowed easily and naturally to me.
Lady Ru
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 10:29 pm    Post subject:

i didnt read yet but seems i need read 401-407 408-414 415-422 before this one ;ahhh will take long but will do;someone share speed to read lol
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 4:29 am    

Post subject:

Hi there Hrist,

My friend if you are just that far behind
reading in a second language I'd say you are doing quite well. If it was written in your native French language I'd still be on Chapter 1 for sadly I lack your remarkable intelligence when it comes
to languages.

That you even bother to read the series at all is making me very happy. I say the same for Lady Aeris who I just recently learned is reading the series.

Have a great day,
Raist Justice
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:19 pm    Post subject:
An astounding end to another great book. It's as if everything that happened in this conclusion was penned before you created the segments leading up to it. The battles, Ru's "gift," Zadykiel's demise, the judgement of humanity. Not to mention the wonderful irony accompanying Zadykiel's fate. I hope he thrives in his new role Wink The Companions, however, deserve a nice rest...and I... *already targetting a nearby vase that will soon find itself overturned* am quite thirsty.

I'm already anticipating what's in store as the tale continues. It will be well worth the wait, as it always has been.

Raist, Kittie...thank you both once again for continuing to create this tale for us to enjoy and be a part of. I wish there were more ways to say thank you, as I no longer feel the words suffice. But I suppose it will have to do.


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Fawnn wrote,


Ok I may be one of the last to respond but you know it's just as heartfelt. This series have been much diferent to the others and elicted difernt reactions we had many new companions to met and the loss of some friends we learnt alot about ourselves- not all were good and we found that we have limits and frailites again not a nice if nessacary lesson. but one thing dosnt change and that the quality of the writting while this tale was not of the like we have enjoyed before there is no denying that it is a great peice of writting and I bow to the talents of two wonderfull people

Raist and Kittie I ve said it before but it bears repeating

You did it!