Adventure Books by Ricky Sides & Kathy Young

Adventures in reading.

Brimstone series Maps of Interest.


                       Map by Vircom


Map with eAcceleration's Brach Dalar and Yane's concept of Sic Dalar, Ethia, and Pirate isle added.



                                                      Northwestern Sic Dalar.



                         Yane's detailed map of the adventures on Sic Dalar.



                    Yane's detailed map of the battle for Harvest Moon.




The island of Shafferland named after Tim Shaffer the man who gave the authors their first real break in the series and believed in it enough to persuade eAcceleration to give the authors a forum specifically for the series. This event lead to an explosion of writing by the encouraged authors who feel they owe the man a debt of gratitude that they can never properly express.



                         New world map depicting Bjarneyja under glacier coverage.



                   New world map depicting Bjarneyja with the glacier runoff under rapid thaw.



                   New world map after the thaw when it is returned to its pre iceage state.



                                 The island with glacier coverage.



                            The island after the melt of the runoff.


                                                          Side by side comparison.