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                                   The author and his wife Sue.

     Ricky Sides was Born in Florence, Alabama in May of 1958. He has a wife named Sue that he married at age 18. He has one adult son named Larry Dale.

     The author studied martial arts from 1981 to the mid 1990s. He has been an avid camper and student of survival. The techniques described in his fight sequences are often from his own personal experience and training. He has taught women's rape prevention seminars in the 1980's that he conducted free to the public.

     The author's writing experience includes "The Birth of the Peacekeepers", the "Brimstone" series which is an eight novel set based on the online game t4c (the fourth coming) and was written by Ricky Sides under the pen name Raistlin and edited and collaborated on by a wonderful lady from Louisiana under the pen name Kittie Justice and a book on women's self-defense named "The Ultimate in Women's Self-Defense".


     Kathleen Young was born in southern Louisiana in the Lake Charles area. She attended college in that area and earned a degree in the Liberal Arts. Her primary function in this writing duo is the editing role. She also helps out with the dialog and reactions of the female characters if Ricky requests it, which he does rather frequently.

     One memorable quote worthy of mentioning in regards to this writing duo is this quote from Ricky to a reader: "I may write the books, but by the gods, Kittie breathes life into them."

     The Brimstone series was originally published online on eAcceleration's forum, which the company set up at Ricky's request to entertain the t4c players. Here is a link to that forum:










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